K-Yan: The Compact Media Centre

K-Yan: The Compact Media Centre
A compact media product for community use which combines the functions of a multimedia and Internet-enabled PC, a large format television, a DVD/VCD/CD player and CD writer, a video conference device, an LCD data projector and an audio system that facilitates shared viewing and participation by users. K-Yan has since been demonstrated to several senior state and central government officials and ministers. K-Yan has evoked enthusiastic response and is on the way to becoming a major commercial success.
  • easy to use
  • has multilingual facilities
  • eliminates the need for investing in other media hardware
  • a single unit can cater to the teaching needs of an entire class and can substantially reduce the cost of computerising schools
  • useful in group learning or information dissemination programs, such as healthcare, family planning, agricultural practices and civic awareness drives
  • equipped with a solar energy portable power supply to enable its use in areas with no electricity
  • can also function as a mobile communication centre for deployment to remote locations when mounted in a van
  • with an Internet connection and a web-camera, it allows lowcost Web-conferencing from any location, making it useful in disaster management or when monitoring project progress
  • useful in facilitating e-governance, as it will facilitate direct communication between various agencies and the administration’s headquarters
Kirti Trivedi, Industrial Design Centre
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Licensed to Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd.; has been deployed at more than 250 schools, educational institutions, NGOs and rural communities

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