Software for Railway Operations Management

Software for Railway Operations Management
Line Capacity Simulator software for the Indian Railways Institute of Signal Engineering and Telecommunications - represents the operational features of trains in selected track areas.
  • estimates the capacities of long-distance track segments within the railway network under complex traffic conditions
  • analyses the effect of adding scheduled trains in a track section
  • combines priority-based scheduling of trains with the operating constraints of track section and platform availability
  • allows realistic analyses by reproducing the operational logic of railway movement and its related engineering details
  • records train speeds that are dependent on track signal conditions, which in turn may depend on the status of several trains ahead of the signal
  • displays train movements on a distance versus time graph and provide details on individual trains

Rake Management System (RMS) is another set of utilities and tools designed for analysis and decision making
on the overall use of rakes as it relates to their deployment, operation and maintenance cycles for suburban train services.



N. Rangaraj and team, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering

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