Financing Schemes from Various Banks

Financing Schemes from Banks

Browse through various Schemes offered by various Banks in India. Details provided here are for your general purpose information only. Please access the bank website / contact your bank for the latest documentation etc.

Bank Scheme Financial Institutionsort descending Title Scheme Description Bank Schemes Link Date Checked
Technology Upgradation Fund - Textile & Jute SIDBI Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme for Textile Industries (TUFS)

Technology up-gradation for textile & jute industries in SSI Sector.

Sep 5 2013 - 15:01
Misc Schemes SIDBI Bills Re-Discounting Equipment Scheme

For sale / acquisition of machinery on deferred payment terms for setting up of new SSI units as also for expansion, diversification, modernisation, replacement, addition of balancing equipment etc.

Aug 30 2013 - 16:47
Misc Schemes SIDBI Bills Rediscounting Scheme - Equipment (Inland supply bills)

To encourage bills culture as a method of working capital financing so as to ensure timely payment. Trade bills arising out of supply of goods by SSI units and discounted with commercial banks either by the drawer (seller) or the drawee (buyer) are rediscounted by the banks with SIDBI.

Aug 30 2013 - 16:47
Misc Schemes SIDBI Refinance Scheme For Acquisition Of ISO Series Certification By MSE Units

Expenses on consultancy, documentation, audit, certification fees, equipment and calibrating instruments required would be taken into account for determining the loan requirement

Aug 30 2013 - 16:35
Misc Schemes SIDBI TIFAC – SIDBI Revolving Fund For Technology Innovation Programme Brochure

The collaborative programme of TIFAC & SIDBI launched on November 01, 2010, aims at facilitating development, demonstration and commercialization of technology innovation projects pertaining to new product or process development to encourage and promote development of capabilities in MSMEs to innovate and to bring high-risk innovations to the market for opening up opportunities for business linked with innovations.

Sep 5 2013 - 15:00
Term & Working Capital Schemes SIDBI Composite Loan Scheme (CLS)

Assistance for equipment and/or working capital as also for work sheds

Aug 30 2013 - 16:45
Credit Linked Capital Subsidy SIDBI Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS)

The scheme aims at facilitating technology up-gradation of SSI units and subsidies on institutional finance availed of by them for induction of well established and improved technologies in the specified sub-sectors / products approved under the scheme.

Aug 30 2013 - 16:45
Term & Working Capital Schemes SIDBI Direct Credit Schemes

Term loan and other forms of assistance such as Working Capital Term Loan and bills discounting for MSME and SSI.

Aug 30 2013 - 16:45
Misc Schemes SIDBI Direct Discounting Scheme - Equipment (DDS-E)

To enable manufacturers - sellers in SSI sector / service sector including construction / selling agents to offer deferred payment terms for credit sales and realise sale proceeds by discounting bills of exchange / promissory notes arising out of such sales.

Aug 30 2013 - 16:45
Technology Upgradation Fund - Textile & Jute SIDBI Refinance Scheme For Textile Industry Under Technology Upgradation

To provide encouragement to textile industrial units (including units in the Cotton Ginning and Pressing sectors) in the small scale sector for taking up technology upgradation and to modernise their production facilities. The scheme envisages interest incentive of 5 percentage points on the loans availed by small scale units from eligible Primary Lending Institutions (PLIs) for undertaking technology upgradation / modernisation. New units being set up with technology as per the guidelines of the scheme would also be eligible for the above incentive.

Aug 30 2013 - 16:30