Counselling Personnel

Many companies have integrated the counseling services in their organisations and making it a part of their culture. Organisations are offering the service of employee counselling to its employees.

Managers need to provide, if and when needed, advice to individuals on how to maximize personal assets and minimize liabilities while accomplishing stated enterprise and personal objectives. Simply put, employee counselling can be explained as providing help and support to the employees to face and sail through the difficult times in life. At many points of time in life or career people come across some problems either in their work or personal life when it starts influencing and affecting their performance and, increasing the stress levels of the individual. Counselling is guiding, consoling, advising and sharing and helping to resolve their problems whenever the need arises.

The organisations can either take the help of experienced employees or expert to take up the counselling activities. Various types of counseling that can be provided to employees include:


  • Performance counselling: The need for employee counselling arises when the employee shows signs of declining performance, being stressed in office-hours, bad decision-making etc. In such situations, counselling is one of the best ways to deal with them. It should cover all the aspects related to the employee performance like the targets, employee's responsibilities, problems faced, employee aspirations, inter-personal relationships at the workplace, etc.


  • Personal and Family Well being: Many a times, employees carry the baggage of personal problems to their workplaces, which in turn affects their performance adversely. Therefore, the counselor needs to strike a comfort level with the employees and, counselling sessions involving their families can help to resolve their problems and enabling them to improve their work performance.


  • Other Problems: Other problems can range from work-life balance to health problems. Counselling helps to identify the problem and help employees to deal with the situation in a better way.


Human Resource Chronicle,