Recruitment and Workforce

Recruitment and Workforce

Tips for recruiting employees for your business:

1.   Explore Different Sources for Finding Candidates


Small businesses may look out at various options to hire the right candidate for their business. These include:


In-house Candidates


Current employees can be promoted to the vacant position. This would boost morale of staff, make them feel appreciated and encourage them to work harder.



References & Support of Internal Staff



Current staff members can recommend good candidates for the business. Their help can also be sought in reviewing resumes and qualifications of potential candidates and sometimes also in interviewing the candidates.



Recruitment Agencies


Approaching the local recruitment agencies can help in finding the candidates that meet the business requirements. If you go ahead in recruiting one of the candidates send by the agency, a fee would have to be paid to the agency for its services.


Some of the recruitment agencies that can be approached:


a) Employment Exchange

b) Various Job Portals


Association Websites & Magazines

The magazines, newsletters and websites of concerned industry associations can be used to bring out advertisement for job vacancies.


Own Website

The business house can use its own website to place advertisements of latest vacancies in any of its departments, by providing the relevant job description and inviting interested candidates to send their resumes.


2. Interview Smartly

Once the candidates’ resumes are received, personal interviews can be conducted for select short-listed candidates. Prepare well before an interview and ask the right questions to the candidate to ensure that you hire the right person that matches the job requirements.


3. Select Best Candidate

The recruiting managers should hire right person for the given job. The best candidate would be one who has right kind of previous experience i.e. he has done the exact job, in exact industry, in similar business climate and has worked in a company with a similar culture. This would save a lot of time in training the candidate about the job.


4. Check References

Once a candidate is selected for a particular job, it is a good practice to check the references and conduct background checks because it can help give some insight into how their previous employment habits were.

You can take help of the companies that do background checks of potential candidates. Some of these agencies in India are:


5. Provide Competitive Wages

To get the best candidate, you do need to offer a competitive wage. Further, you may also keep your benefits above industry standard such as medical insurance, provident fund, cafeteria facilities, etc. You also need to educate employees about the cost and value of their benefits so they appreciate how well you are looking out for their needs.


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