Lean Manufacturing

All industries, small and large, manufacturing and services, have begun to appreciate the benefits of Lean Management and are transforming themselves. Many companies from Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, BPOs, Call Centre & ITeS and Software Industries have already embarked on a Lean Programme or are evaluating and seriously considering one.

Lean Manufacturing Concept

Lean manufacturing is based on continuous finding and removal of the wastes. Value is defined from the customers’ point of view. Therefore all the tools in lean manufacturing aim to identify and remove wastes from the system continuously.

There are four steps in implementing lean manufacturing:

  • Identifying the fact that there are wastes to be removed
  • Analysing the wastes and finding the root causes for these wastes
  • Finding the solution for these root causes
  • Application of these solutions and achieving the objective


MSMEs and Lean Manufacturing in India

Government of India has introduced a Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme, to enhance the manufacturing competitiveness for the MSMEs by applying Lean Techniques to identify and eliminate waste in the manufacturing process and also to streamline the system.

Read the Guidelines for the Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme under National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme


Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is normally known to have following benefits:

  • Reduce Lead time by 50% at least
  • Reduce Work-in-progress up to 80%
  • Floor space savings around 30 %( sometimes more than 50%)
  • Increased productivity at least by 30%. (even more than 100% in some cases)
  • Quality improvement by a factor of two
  • Overall cost reduction


Lean Manufacturing Tools and Techniques

  • Just in Time (JIT)
  • Total Quality Management
  • Total Productive Maintenance

For further reading downloads are provided on this webpage.


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