Various Ministries, Departments, Organisations and State/UT Governments, and large Private companies in order to outsource certain tasks to private companies or individuals, float tenders and procurement notifications in various fields such as Civil works, Computer Hardware, Computer Software), Machineries, Security System, Information Technology, Electronics Equipments, Housekeeping, Network Communication Equipments, etc. All Public Sector purchases/Contracts in India, over a certain value have to be publicly notified through Tender Notices which are advertised through All India Newspapers, Trade Journals, Departmental Publications and Notice Boards, and Internet.

A Tender portal provides information on these tenders and helps SMEs find tenders of their choice, from Million of Tenders floated every year. While there are some portals that provide information on tenders for free, others need paid subscription to access their services.

Some of the major international tender portals and Indian tender portals are:

International Tender Portals


Indian Tender Portals

Tenders India


dgMarket (Free as well as subscription based services)

dgMarket is an international tender portal that provides tenders from over 170 countries. It hosts tenders from international development institutes, including World Bank. It has a large database of over one million tender notices every year.

The portal provides limited free services, which include summaries of all tender notices and contract awards, search profiles, and email alerts, whenever a new tender matches the registered search criteria. The fee based membership costs around $550 per year for basic subscription and $1000 per year for full subscription.

Tenders Info (Subscription based)

Tendersinfo is a leading infomediary and consulting company in the Public Procurement Domain. It has Associates in 50 countries and branch offices in 7 cities in India. It caters to 5000+ customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small firms around the world.

It is a subscription based portal with membership charges ranging from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.60,000/- per year.


Tenders India (Free)

Tenders India, the tender portal of the Indian Government, is the Central Source for Government and Public Sector Procurement / Tenders/ Notifications issued by the Central and State Governments and other public bodies across India for goods, services and works.

Tenders India can be accessed by users for free.

The information on tenders is classified in multiple ways such as:

  • Open tenders: Tenders which are currently active and for which the last date is near future. You can choose from the tenders whose last date is due
  • Tenders by product/ service: Tenders based on specific Product/Service category to which your business can respond such as Civil works, Computer hardware, housekeeping, information technology, etc
  • Tenders by agency: Tenders floated by authorities such as Central Government, State Government, Public sector units, Public sector banks, etc
  • Tenders by classification: Tender notifications by tender category i.e. Buy, Sell, Auction, Empanelment, Work contract, Service Contract
  • Tender by location: Tender notifications by city name
  • Tenders by value: Tender notification by tender value/ cost


Tendertimes (Free as well as subscription based services)

Tendertimes.com is a Tender Web Daily, focused on Business through All India Tenders. Some of the features of the portal include information on Tenders Opening Today, Last Day for Collection of Bid-Documents, Online Bid-Documents, Post-Tender Reports, Global Tenders, Tender Statistics, Classified Ads, Key Word Search, Advanced Search, Daily News page, etc.

Tendertimes.com has a comprehensive database of 795633 Tenders with over 200 new Tenders posted Daily covering 21 Sectors, 6 broad categories of Items/work, divided into 125 sub-categories, 5 Geographical zones in addition to All India and, a separate listing of All India Global Tenders in English translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Tendertimes.com can be accessed by all for free. However, there are special services like Daily Customised E-Zine containing the Day's Tenders of the users' Business interest, and new sections with highly user-friendly features being added, which are exclusive to Registered users only. There are four levels of subscription — Half Yearly, Yearly, 2 Years or select 3 Years package, ranging from Rs.. 2923/- to Rs.. 12519/-


All-Tenders.com (Subscription based)

All-Tenders.com is web venture of Raceme InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Limited (RISP). All-Tenders.com collects public procurement information and provides the information to world-class companies. It provides information on tenders by various product/ categories and by states.

It is subscription based portal, with charges ranging from Rs.4714/- to Rs.32,637/-


Tender home.com (Subscription based)

Tenderhome.com is a tender electronic daily. It is an exhaustive online guide pertaining to various types of tenders published by government, public & private sectors. The database is updated hourly and is available at the same time. Approximately 1000 documents are published everyday, thus saving precious time in searching for and selecting the relevant tenders.

Other than tenders, Tenderhome.com comprises of a comprehensive vendor listing, online & offline consultancy, online publishing of tender, vendor profiles and classified advertisements.

Tenderhome.com has paid subscription, ranging from Rs. 3309/- to Rs. 6067/-


Tendercircle (Subscription based)

Tendercircle.com is a website dedicated to providing information on tenders from all across India as well as selected tenders from abroad . Tendercircle.com sources its information from leading dailies published all over the country, business journals, websites as well as directly by email from some authorities. Tenders, which are displayed on the site, are classified into different categories, sectors, regions and states to help you locate the tenders you need.

The subscription to these portal ranges from Rs. 1158/- to Rs. 3309/-


Tender Tiger (Subscription based)

Tendertiger in a national tender portal that provides information on over one million tenders per annum and has over one lakh subscribed members.

The information on this portal is categorized in multiple ways such as:

  • Tenders by industry
  • Tenders by country
  • Tenders by state
  • Tenders by ownership
  • Tenders by value
  • Tenders by date

There are various subscription plans to access information on this portal, ranging from Rs. 6618/- to Rs. 25370/-