The Big List of Business Ideas for Small Business

The big list of Business Ideas

The Big List of Business Ideas for your Small Business.

Scan these Ideas and evaluate thoroughly if you believe the Idea you like has potential in your area.

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Designer Wear For Your Temple

A shop which sells dresses,jewelry and other items used as offerings for seeking god's blessings. This concept has  potential as selling designer wear for idols is an unique idea.

Average: 3.8 (17 votes)
Concept & Examples
Designing Restaurant Menus

This involves designing of menus for restaurants at a subsidised rate in order to gain permission by the restaurant to have advertisements of other companies in the menus. This also involves photography and a general love for food.

Average: 4.1 (26 votes)
Concept & Examples
Detective Agencies

It can be a very important part of an organization to know more about their employees, recruitment and also other people they do business with. A detective company can help them in gathering such information. They may also be used for personal issues also.

Average: 3.8 (37 votes)
Concept & Examples
Digitally Printed Wall Display

A lot of money is spent on designing ones house; people always want their house to look better from their friends. Wall paints have become common, so textured paints, wallpapers etc were introduced to make the walls look beautifully unique, and there is one more good option that has not been captured yet, digitally printed wall display. Here vinyl material is designed, cut, printed and pasted on the wall to give it a feel of a designer wall. The designs can be of a tree, butterfly, flowers, buildings etc

Average: 3.5 (6 votes)
Concept & Examples
Disguise The Bed

Free-up the space occupied by beds - when not in use. The beds get hidden in Wall Units or Sofa Sets. Creates additional living space during day time or the bedroom can be turned into a small Home Office in daytime.  A potentially huge market for this product is new home builders, architects, and property development companies.

Average: 4.1 (13 votes)
Concept & Examples
DJ mixer console on rent

Providing music mixer console on rent to learner DJ's (Disc Jockeys) or to new DJ's performing

Average: 3.9 (23 votes)
Concept & Examples
Dog Collars

Providing made to order dog collars of various shapes, sizes and materials.

Average: 3.8 (12 votes)
Concept & Examples
Dog Training Classes

This organization is involved in training of pet dogs to fulfill many functions, ranging from guarding the house to simple 'sit' tasks. This training can be done either in a separate center or in the house itself. Depending on the mode of training, the capital required varies.

Average: 3.1 (46 votes)
Concept & Examples
Dog Treats

Baking gourmet dog treats and selling them either directly to consumers or to bigger distibutors like malls etc.

Average: 3.7 (10 votes)
Concept & Examples
Doughnut joint

Doughnuts have increasingly gained recognition in the Indian bakery industry. Acknowledging this potential many international brands are looking to enter the Indian market and hence a doughnut shop in various metros can have potential.

Average: 3.7 (9 votes)
Concept & Examples
Drop-in Your Child Centre

Provide facilities where parent can leave their children at a child friendly place whenever required. This need to becoming more and more apparent with working parents, and even with others, in time of need

Average: 4 (35 votes)
Concept & Examples
E-Commerce Based Grocery Delivery

For the working class, free time is a commodity.Thus a service wherein a registered individual can order vegetables online to be delivered home would be useful.The enterprise can work with the nearest vendor at the rate he offers(as vegetable rates depend on demand-supply.When volumes increase the enterprise can negotiate with the vendor for a discount.Since the vendor would like to have the additional volume.Delivery can be outsourced to a dedicated delivery service or entrusted to the vendor.

Average: 4.1 (21 votes)
Concept & Examples

Though the idea is not new, people can use their mobile phone or some other handheld device as a wallet so that they don't have to carry cash. Wireless money can be transfered between accounts and people would never have the requirement of paper money thus also being eco-friendly. It has been underdevelopment but it can be made more accessible.

Average: 4 (36 votes)
Concept & Examples
Embroidery Services

You can start embroidery services, provided you have the skills of embroidery or enough customer orders to recruit embroidery skilled worker. The business can provide services like customized logo embroidery, image embroidery, designs embroidery, embroidery for ethnic wears, caps, bags, etc. This can be done online giving pick and drop services, or opening a store. You can target schools, office, clubs, residence etc.

Average: 1 (1 vote)
Concept & Examples
Employee Training Service

The company will give specialized sessions for motivation and orientation of new employees for other organizations which have a contract with this company.

Average: 3.8 (29 votes)
Concept & Examples
Entertainment Company

It could be anything that you are good at or is a hobby, maybe dance, music, theatre etc. You can get together with similar like minded people and start your own company and impart them to the people. The people are always willing to learn some new exotic dance form or a musical instrument. It can be a small but flourishing business and you dont have to spend a lot of time or money also in building it.

Average: 3.8 (13 votes)
Concept & Examples

Understanding concepts which are highly technical and explaining to the people or organizations what they mean for a fee. The technical concept could be field dependent.

Average: 4.1 (32 votes)
Concept & Examples
Ethnic wear shop

A shop selling traditional Indian men and women wear like saris,salwar-kameez, lehenga-choli,etc. With more and more unique designs emerging, franchising in this sector is growing.

Average: 4 (8 votes)
Concept & Examples
Etiquette Training

The organization helps in training and grooming young children, teens or young adults.

Average: 4.1 (12 votes)
Concept & Examples
Event Management

Organize key events for your clients

Average: 4.1 (38 votes)
Concept & Examples
Exotic Dog Breeds

Many new dog breeds like pugs and rottweilers are making their way into the Indian markets. This organization will therefore take care of the puppies and breed purebred dogs for customers who will then buy it from them.

Average: 4.1 (12 votes)
Concept & Examples
Expense Reduction Consultancy

Help companies decrease expenses in order to improve profits. The organization charges a fee for this service.

Average: 3.8 (16 votes)
Concept & Examples
Export of Poultry Leftovers

In some countries, some parts of the meat is eaten which is not eaten at other places. This organization will export to these countries this meat. Apart from this the organization will also sell the poultry manure as fertilizers.

Average: 3.8 (19 votes)
Concept & Examples
Eye Care Center

Today not many people pay attention to their eyes. As also now people view spectacles from a style perspective. Hence an eye care center has great opportunities to develop.

Average: 4.1 (13 votes)
Concept & Examples
Factory seconds

Buying a consumer durable item from retail outlets is not affordable to everyone. Hence an outlet selling genuine factory seconds of electronic gadgets can be a hit with the middle class.

Average: 3.9 (13 votes)
Concept & Examples
Family History Research Service

The organization will help tracing down people's family tree for a fee. This has gained popularity as people want to know about their ancestors but have no way of finding out.

Average: 4 (20 votes)
Concept & Examples
Finance Sport Teams

Finance or sponsor college or community sports teams and get a share of the winning price if the team wins.

Average: 3.5 (15 votes)
Concept & Examples
Financial jargons made easy

Finance is such a field which is full of jargons and, unlike any other field, today, understanding these jargons in the field of finance has become very important for any individual who wishes to manage his wealth. Thus if you are from the field of finance you can cater to this need of simplifying these financial jargons and helping the common man understand it conceptually.

Average: 4 (25 votes)
Concept & Examples
Finding Sales Leads

The organization will help other companies in finding potential markets and segments of a particular product for a fee.

Average: 4.1 (17 votes)
Concept & Examples
Fire Protection

You can provide supplies, sprinkles, alarms, smoke detectors and others.

Average: 4.1 (12 votes)
Concept & Examples
Fisheries and Hatcheries

The demand for the consumption of poultry as well as sea food is increasing tremendously with the growing population. It is no more possible and economically viable to depend on just the natural methods of animal farms. New technology has to be implemented to increase the growth of this industry. It can be a fairly profitable business.

Average: 4 (33 votes)
Concept & Examples

The organization will find suitable roommates for a rented flat. This is of growing importance as,  with the real estate prices rising, renting the entire flat becomes too expensive.

Average: 4 (17 votes)
Concept & Examples
Food on wheels

In a crowded and an expensive city like Mumbai, establishing a restaurant in a prime location would require a lot of initial investment which can be very difficult and risky to raise for aspiring entrepreneurs. In such a scenario, you can hire a van or invest in a van and use it as a mobile restaurant. This would reduce your required capital to a very significant extent and allow you to access the most prime locations at peak hours. Thus assuming that your product is unique and widely accepted, this concept would fetch you a good return on investment and in the long run you would find it easier to raise capital and actually establish a chain of restaurants.

Average: 4.1 (38 votes)
Concept & Examples
Franchise Opportunities

Look for Franchise opportunities in your area. smallB has a number of opportunities listed. You can begin your search with smallB and contact the companies expressing your interest

Average: 4 (47 votes)
Concept & Examples
Free Lance Writing Services

A number of companies need writing services on regular basis. This can be an attractive full time or Part Time work if you possess the necessary skills.

Average: 3.7 (42 votes)
Concept & Examples
Fresh Pasta Making

Supply Italian restaurants with fresh or dried pasta. This business has the potential to expand.

Average: 3.8 (48 votes)
Concept & Examples
Frozen Foods

The work hours of people are increasing. Due to this they no longer have the time to make meals from scratch. This business will target these people. This business requires a mix of good recipes and skills of managing sales and marketing.

Average: 4 (32 votes)
Concept & Examples
Fun filled learning

Blending the education concepts with dance, drama and music to instigate confidence, speech and communication skills in kids is a marvelous business idea.

Average: 3.7 (17 votes)
Concept & Examples
Garage Sale Organiser

The organization will help organizing garage sales or yard sales for people and keep a fraction of the profit. The initial capital is low but good knowledge of sales and marketing is required.

Average: 4 (17 votes)
Concept & Examples
Garbage Disposal

Daily tons and tons of waste is generated. However, the people dump all of this waste in one place and it eventally goes in a land fill and no use is made of it. Instead if the waste was segregated into iron scrap, recyclable plastic, biodegradable waste etc. they could be sent to the respective plants and can be used again for other things. However, the first step would be to create awareness among the consumer level but a service rendering waste management can also be set up.

Average: 4.1 (40 votes)
Concept & Examples
Generator Manufacturing

Manufacture generator sets; they usually vary by capacity. Choose a capacity which you can afford to manufacture.

Average: 4 (24 votes)
Concept & Examples
Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are used in festivals and other family occasions. The organization will provide custom made gift baskets for these occasions.

Average: 4.1 (37 votes)
Concept & Examples
Gift Coupons

Many people have gift coupons they can't use of some stores. The organization will buy these coupons from these people at a lower price than the value of the coupon and sell it to someone else at a higher price than this but lower than the value of the coupon.

Average: 3.7 (43 votes)
Concept & Examples
Gift Props

The gifting service entrepreneurs that provides customers with a range of gift products like corporate gifts, new born gifts, birthday gifts needs props that will make their designs more attractive. You can make or import small props and act as a supplier to these entrepreneurs. These props include wooden designer buttons, wooden beats, acrylic small bay bottles, diapers, rocking horse, baby pram etc.

Average: 2.3 (3 votes)
Concept & Examples
Gifting Services

You could start a service of delivering greetings, gifts, flowers etc. from doorstep to doorstep. The people may not have the time to go shopping for gifts in their busy schedule. So they can call up the service provider or order online and get their gifts delivered. In the same way you could start a gift producing company, maybe one which manufactures toys as well as greeting cards.

Average: 4.1 (28 votes)
Concept & Examples
Gluten Free Baked Products

As an increasing number of people are gluten intolerant, this business venture will cater to their needs.

Average: 4.1 (31 votes)
Concept & Examples
Gourmet Popcorn

Use innovative recipes and flavors of popcorn to make this business venture successful. The profit margin is high and the potential to expand is there if proper marketing and sales strategies are incorporated.

Average: 4 (40 votes)
Concept & Examples
Gramophone Records

Many people like old music and also like listening it with the old style. This organization will cater to that.

Average: 4.2 (10 votes)
Concept & Examples
Graphic Designing

Designing logos for major organizations or brands for a fee.

Average: 4 (35 votes)
Concept & Examples
Group Discounts

The organization will make deals with a restaurant to give a particular discount to customers and a fee to you. The organization then has to put the discounts on their site to get the maximum number of customers which gives it the maximum profit. If the organization is not able to get enough customers then also the restaurant gets publicity therefore it is a win-win for everyone.

Average: 4.1 (25 votes)
Concept & Examples