The Big List of Business Ideas for Small Business

The big list of Business Ideas

The Big List of Business Ideas for your Small Business.

Scan these Ideas and evaluate thoroughly if you believe the Idea you like has potential in your area.

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Manufacturing & Selling Fashionable Shoes

You can start an online portal selling well designed shoes (especially loafers) as per the latest fashion. This requires knowledge of shoe manufacturing process and raw material identification. The business can keep pricing of shoes below Rs.500 to attract sales volume. This can be marketed via social media targeting mainly the college going students.

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Manufacturing cables or wires

Manufacturing cables for a wide array of applications like communication, power etc.

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Manufacturing Speciality Soaps

This business can be easily set-up with a moderate capital. There are a large number of techniques which can be used for  manufacturing and coupled with good advertising can make this a profitable venture.

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Manufacturing Whey Protein Supplements

If you have good knowledge of nutrition & muscle building, then you can look forward to this idea. Most of the bodybuilding supplements are imported from foreign countries and sold at high cost. You can check out the feasibility of manufacturing whey protein supplement unit in India. You can target gymnasiums, online supplements selling portal, health clubs, chemists etc. for selling your products.

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Manufacturing/Selling Bedsheets, Curtains & Towels

There is a growing demand for home decorative products. You can start a manufacturing unit or be a dealer for making and selling designer bedsheet sets, curtains and towels with unique designs.

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Marathon Training

As marathon events have gained popularity in India, more and more fitness enthusiasts are training for running miles. This has also increased the number of training injuries like ligament tears, joint pain, hip pain etc. due to improper training knowledge. You can provide running training to people preparing for marathon and also provide nutritional tips (provided you have the skills & knowledge). Such trainings can be conducted in public jogging parks, free running clubs etc. You can market your business using social media, distributing pamphlets, arranging events in different colleges & companies etc.

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Meal delivery service for commercial enterprises

This business deals with transportation or delivery of food and the target market is the restaurant industry.A lot of small and large restaurants would like to offer home/office delivery.A system can be introduced where as and when an order is received your employee can complete the delivery in exchange for a certain percentage of sale or a bulk contract.Resturants doing less business on a particular day will need less people delivering food.Thus the employees can be shifted to busier restaurants dynamically, maintaining an optimal level of efficiency.This way the restaurant does not need to deploy their skilled staff to deliver.

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Meat Substitute Restaurants

With growing concern for animal welfare, meat substituted products have grown in popularity. This popularity can be used to make profits by opening a restaurant with all meat substitutes.

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Medical Tourism Consulting

In each country the cost of medical treatments vary. This organization will act as a consultant in order to provide advice on Quality treatment at an economical cost. Tour to the country will be an additional bonus.

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Memory Book Creation Services

People have boxes full of old priceless photographs. Provide services for creation of attractive memory books, DVDs etc from pictures. You need skills, a computer and scanner for getting into this business. Very inexpensive.

Average: 4 (63 votes)
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Mobile Application Development

The mobile application business is booming thanks to Android and Apple. You can develop applications for these platforms and sell on their marketplaces/stores.

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Mobile Art Gallery

Select a number of artists and locations where the artwork can be displayed. This requires excellent presentation, organising and negotiating skills. This venture has a high potential to expand.

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Mobile Breakfast Catering

With growing increase in work hours, people find it difficult to cook breakfast or go out to eat it. This organization will cater to their needs by having stalls at particular places where people can take away or stand and eat before going for work.

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Mobile Foot Massage Services

As lifestyle turns out to be more stressful, the demand for massage services is on rise. Massage acts as a relaxation tool and what better than customer getting this service on their doorstep. You can start a business of massage services in a van, which will come to customers' doorstep once the order is placed. This business can be marketed on social media, radio, through flyers etc.

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Mobile garage services

Mobile garage services can be a business opportunity wherein one can provide garage services any time and anywhere within a region.  

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Modular Office Furniture

Design and manufacture modular furniture for offices

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Money making thermocol dishes and glasses

Disposable glasses and dishes are very much needed in many outdoor events. One can use the plain white outer surface of these glasses and dishes for advertisement purpose. The additional revenue generated by advertisements could even offset the cost of glasses and plates which would increase the overall return on investment.

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Mover For Pet Transportation

Normally while moving from one place to another, people find it difficult to move pets. The organization helps in easy transportation of these pets.

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Musical Instrument Sales

If you have a passion for music you can sell a variety of musical instruments to your customers.

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Nail art salon

A Salon offering various nail art services like nail painting, nail piercing, nail decoration and nail lacquering in addition to services like manicure, pedicure, hand/foot spa, hand/foot massage. This emerging trend is popular among Indian women.

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Naturopathy Clinic

Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine which avoids the use of surgery and drugs by believing in the forces that guides the bodily processes like metabolism, reproduction etc. You can start a clinic teaching about naturopathy or you can create an online business by providing home consultancy services.

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Network Marketing Business

This is mainly a type of business which is compatible with which ever section of society you are from or whatever product you use on a daily basis.This can either be done as a Franchise, a Re-seller or a Manufacturer.

Average: 4.6 (67 votes)
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NGO consultancy

Provide low cost services to existing and prospective Non Governmental Organizations, especially in the interior areas of the country.

Average: 4.1 (10 votes)
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Nursery Plant Business

In this business, more than just growing beautiful plants, a good knowledge of sales, marketing and finance is required. This business requires moderate capital and a large number of technical skills.

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Nursing Facilities

Having an agency which provides nurses to patients.

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Nutrition is big in everybody's minds these days. People want to live longer, eat healthier, think smarter and weigh less.  As a nutritionist, you or your organization will help your clients achieve all these goals through a variety of techniques. You can act as a consultant to restaurants and food manufacturers or act as a personal Dietician, give classes and seminars, or work with health clubs and health-conscious companies.

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Nutritious Frankie

Serving delicious range of Frankie to the fast food lovers. A small stall/kiosk is required at the key area with presence or offices/ schools/ residence/ stations etc. Frankie with a healthy nutritious filling can be used as a highlighter to attract customers

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Ocean/Beach Side Restaurants

Ocean/Beach side restaurants are considered to be the best place to relax and enjoy meal with peace. Customers today are in search of such places which have peaceful ambience with the beauty of water accompanied by good food. You can start an ocean/ beach side restaurants to target this section of foodies.

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Office Records Management

The organization will manage the office records for a fee. Managing will include organizing the files, creating a digital copy and fireproofing the important files.

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Office Supplies

Office supplies consolidation can be an option as well. It entails being a one point of sale for company orders. Orders taken by the enterprise can be in bulk and hence at wholesale rates. Attractive packages to other small businesses could help expand the customer base. One can also become a designated supplier which would benefit the manufacturer as well.

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Old Style Restaurant

The restaurant can have a menu which is comprising of traditional dishes, cooked in a traditional way, served traditionally and the restaurant can have a traditional decor.

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Online DVD Rental

Allow people to rent DVDs online for a fixed fee

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Online library

Just as we can buy books online now-a-days, this is an innovative idea wherein people would be able to surf the entire library online and select the book they want to read which would then be delivered to them at their door step and collected back when they are done reading it.

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Online Shopping Site

Online Shopping is getting more and more popular. Online shopping can be hassle free and can help customers save money by providing opportunities for comparision shopping. Look for unserved segments or specialized markets for profitable opportunities.

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Organic baby food

Selling a range of tasty organic baby food products to cater to the tiny taste buds of small kids

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Organic Clothing

Selling clothes made of organic materials (where pesticides are not used on cotton, silk etc). You can have a range of clothing from kids clothing to formal office wear

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Organic Hair Care Products & Cosmetics

Producing and selling hair care products developed from organic materials

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Organic Health Supplements

Selling organic daily health supplements to provide the nutritional benefit one requires

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Organic Poultry or Eggs

The poultry should be only given organic feed so that the eggs and the poultry is a preferred choice for health conscious people.

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Organic restaurant

Restaurant selling organic and natural food can cater to the needs of the health conscious section of the Indian society.

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Organic Yogurt & Organic Dairy products

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, you can provide organic dairy products to cater this section of the society

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Organising Service

Now a days people don't have time and they would be willing to pay for Professional Organising Services. Suitable for individuals who already possess these traits.

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Owning a Franchisee

This requires a high initial capital but then managing the organisation is not difficult as the parent organisation will provide the required skills and expertise.

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Oxygen Bar

Air pollution creates many diseases like bronchitis, asthma etc. People are becoming more conscious towards their respiratory health and spend money for yoga classes, cardio training in gym. An oxygen bar can be created in a mini-van providing people with fresh oxygen for a minute with a fee. These vans can be situated in morning and evening near jogging parks.

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Packaging Material

Manufacture and sell packaging material for various applications.

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Paper Bags

With growing knowledge of the problems of using plastic bags, there has been a surge in the manufacture and use of paper bags. This increase in market can be used to make a profitable business venture.

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In a small area create a multilevel parking complex and charge the cars who want to park there. The location of this parking space is of prime importance.

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Party Plan Sales

Hosting social events where marketing and selling of products of other organizations occur.

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Pay as you Wish Restaurants

In these restaurants, drinks have fixed prices but the customers decide how much to pay for the food. In these settings the customer usually pays the fair price and the restaurant can sometime still end up with a good profit.

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Peanut Butter Manufacturing


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