Misc Schemes

Commission Agents Finance

To finance commission agents against their receivables from farmers.

Artisan Credit Card

For Artisans - Working capital requirements and Investment needs (tools and equipment required for manufacturing)

Cotton Ginning Plus

Acquisition of machinery/factory building for modernization & working capital needs

Bills Rediscounting Scheme - Equipment (Inland supply bills)

To encourage bills culture as a method of working capital financing so as to ensure timely payment. Trade bills arising out of supply of goods by SSI units and discounted with commercial banks either by the drawer (seller) or the drawee (buyer) are rediscounted by the banks with SIDBI.

Canara Guide

To purchase computer, printer and other peripherals/accessories (necessary software), furniture, mobile telephone, tax books, technical literature etc.

Scheme for financing Builders & Developers

For constructing residential complexes and residential cum commercial complexes only

Laghu Udyami Credit Card

To meet the credit requirements of Small Business, Retail traders, Professional and self-employed persons, Artisans & Village Industries, Micro and Small Enterprises.

Loan Against Shares

For meeting financial requirements of professional or business purposes other than operations on stock markets

Swarojgar Credit Card Scheme

For composite loan to small artisans/micro entrepreneurs.

Cotton Ginning Plus

Acquisition of Machinery / Purchase, construction of Factory Building / for modernization of existing Cotton Ginning Mill.

Dal Mill Plus

Acquisition of machinery, modernizing the factory or setting up of additional facilities for Dal Mills

Standby Line of Credit

To meet genuine contingency needs arising out of bunching of orders, delay in shipment / realization of receivables & sudden increase in raw material costs, mis-match in cash flows.

Direct Discounting Scheme - Equipment (DDS-E)

To enable manufacturers - sellers in SSI sector / service sector including construction / selling agents to offer deferred payment terms for credit sales and realise sale proceeds by discounting bills of exchange / promissory notes arising out of such sales.

Scheme for Financing Film Industry

Financing production of feature films, as defined under the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 1983.

Liberalised Scheme

All other lendings, other than those under Entrepreneur Scheme come under this scheme.

Standby Line of Credit

Provides a standby line of credit (LoC) to all SSI Units.

Debt Restructuring Mechanism For SMEs

Debt Restructuring Mechanism For Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes)

Dall Mill Plus

Acquisition of Machinery / Purchase, construction of Factory Building / for modernization of existing Dall Mill

Rice Mill Plus

We have introduced a New product named as ‘RICE MILL PLUS’ with a liberalized approach viz lower margins, lower rate of interest linked to extent of collaterals made available. The scheme envisages coverage of all existing units with proven track record and take over of units subject to compliance with takeover norms. The new units can also be accommodated on case to case basis.

Weavers Credit Card

For working capital requirement as well as purchase of tools and equipment required for carrying out weaving activity.

Integrated Development of Leather Sector Scheme (IDLSS)

Integrated Development of Leather Sector Scheme (IDLSS) was launched with the objective of strengthening leather industry and also to achieve increased share in the global market by improving competitiveness and facilitating technology up-gradation.

Laghu Udhyami Credit Card (LUCC) Scheme

To meet working capital requirement of All existing small borrowers – Micro and small enterprises including artisans, village industries, professional and self employed. Retail traders are also eligible


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