Shops & Traders

Facility against Credit Card Receivables

It is a finance option for merchant establishments that use credit card Point of Sales (POS) machines for their daily business transactions.

Clean Loan to Traders

To meet day-to-day working capital requirement of Traders who are individuals, firms, companies, co-operative societies, dealing in those goods, which are not prohibited by RBI/Govt

Oriental Traders Loan Scheme

To provide hassle free credit to Traders to meet working capital requirements / augment long term margin / financing of fixed assets related to business activity of the borrower or for expansion of business of the borrower

PNB Schemes for Traders

PNB extends credit to the retail and wholesale traders on attractive terms to meet their requirements of traders for financing of stocks / book debts and purchase/ construction/ furnishing of shop/ show room and other assets required for running the trading business.

SBP Shoppe Scheme

To meet credit requirement for purchase of new/ old shops/ establishment/ offices. Modernisation/ renovation/ face lifting of shops; Expansion addition alterations to shops; Dealers showroom, Building for training centers, service centers; Repair center/garage; Building for consultant/ Chartered Accountants; All furniture/ fixtures, electrical fittings andother accessoriesrequired for the showroom/ offices/ shops.

SBBJ Shoppe

For purchase of new / old shops / establishment / offices, Modernisation / Expansion of shops / Establishments/Offices, All furniture / fixtures / /electrical fittings and other accessories required for the Shops / Establishments / Offices

SBI Shoppe

Purchase of new/old shops/establishments/offices ; Modernization/expansion of establishments/shops, etc. ; All furniture/fixtures, electrical fittings and other accessories required for shops/showrooms/offices

Traders Easy Loan Scheme

This scheme is launched by SBI to provide hassle free loan to Traders. Any residential or commercial property in the name of unit/ proprietor/partner OR theirclose relatives is acceptable

Sulabh Vyapar Business Solutions

The product aims to provide hassle free finance to traders and to meet their business and financial needs at competitive interest rate

Shoppe Special

To meet credit requirement for purchase of new/old shops/offices. Expansion/ Alteration /Modernisation/ Renovation/ face lifting ofshops/ Service Centers/ garages /Building for consultants/ Chartered Accountants/ practising doctors All furniture/ fixtures, electrical fittings and other accessories required for the show room/ office/ shops.

Traders Advances

Working Capital limits to small traders and businessmen on the basis of turnover and other parameters

Traders Special

Working Capital credit to traders with the support of recognised associations of traders.

MPower Trader

loans are available for Small Business Entrepreneurs, Retail traders, Shop owners, Contractors, Commission Agents and Transport Operators as well as practicing professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants, Women Entrepreneurs and any others with a credit requirement ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs upto Rs. 200 lakhs.

Easy Trade Fin Loan

This is a trade loan given to individuals dealing in products whose turnover is not very high. It is structured to help them with their working capital requirements for business development or expansion.

Varthaga Mitra for Traders

Finances to traders for working capital requirements

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