Technology Upgradation Fund - Textile & Jute

Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFs) for Textile & Jute

A scheme devised by Govt. of India, Ministry of Textiles, to enable SSI units (Textile/Jute industrial sector) to induct State-of-the-art technology in which technology levels are bench marked in terms of specified machinery for each sector of textile industry. Machinery with technology levels lower than that specified will not be permitted for funding under the TUF scheme.

Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme For Textile And Jute Industries

Bank of Baroda grants loans under Technology Up-gradation Fund Scheme launched by Government of India as perguidelines received from time to time from Ministry of Textiles. Bank of Baroda is a nodal agency for determiningeligibility and releasing of subsidy for the cases financed by the bank under the scheme.

Refinance Scheme For Textile Industry Under Technology Upgradation

To provide encouragement to textile industrial units (including units in the Cotton Ginning and Pressing sectors) in the small scale sector for taking up technology upgradation and to modernise their production facilities. The scheme envisages interest incentive of 5 percentage points on the loans availed by small scale units from eligible Primary Lending Institutions (PLIs) for undertaking technology upgradation / modernisation. New units being set up with technology as per the guidelines of the scheme would also be eligible for the above incentive.

Margin Money Subsidy Scheme under TUFS for Textile & Jute Units

To facilitate Technology Up gradation of Small Scale (SE) units in the textile and jute industries

Margin Money Subsidy Scheme under TUFS for Powerloom Sector

A loan scheme to enable Power looms in Micro and SE sector for their technology upgradation with a view to improve productivity, quality of products and/ or environmental conditions etc.

Restructured Technology Upgradation Fund scheme (TUFS) for Textile & Jute Industries

a. Addressing the issues of fragmentation and promoting forward integration by providing 5% interest reimbursement for spinning units with matching capacity in weaving/knitting/processing/garmetingb. Promoting investments in sector with low investment like processingc. Technology upgradation in weaving by providing higher capital subsidy for establishment of new shuttleless loomsd. Ensuring greater participation of SSI (Small Enterprises) units by increasing the limits under thiscategory

Scheme for Rejuvenation, Modernization & Technology Upgradation of Coir Industry

To modernize coir industry by adoption of modern technology in production and processing of coir in the spinning & weaving sectors

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