Franchise Opportunities

Consider Franchise Opportunities

Opportunity to Learn

This is another reason why so many people consider entering into a franchise agreement. This will assist you in the development and operations of the business. In other words, they will teach you how their business model works and will show you how to leverage it into profits. They will provide you with manuals and other reference materials on how to run your business effectively. For you as a first time entrepreneur, this can be very useful as you will have the opportunity to learn a lot. For example- they will provide you guidance on hiring employees, monitoring their performance, keeping operations efficient and a host of other issues.

Less Risk

Starting a new business from scratch can have Risks. There is every chance that your business might not perform as well as you expected. If you are concerned about the potential risks of your business, you may want to consider a franchise. Usually, you will have to pay the franchisor a fee. A successful franchisor has a tried and tested business model, and it will have reduced most of the mistakes that you will make if you start your own business. Read on to see what other benefits you can gain from a franchise.

Successful Model

Consider Subway as an example - they have upwards of 22,000 franchisees. In many studies, they are considered the best example of a franchising system. They have developed a model which is easy to replicate and has been proven to provide successful results. Another aspect of using the franchise model is that your costs may be reduced. Highly successful franchises usually have a well-developed supply chain, which will help in getting materials on time and reducing costs. Part of the model is proven products. Such products are well known to customers and have gained widespread acceptance. Taking McDonald’s as an example, customers associate their products to be hygienic and of high quality. Thus consumers will associate your franchise with value and this will be a big boost to your business prospects.

Pre-Opening Support

Some examples of pre-opening support provided by franchisor are- financial support, design and construction support, site selection and an opening program. Some franchises may require you to bring a certain percentage of capital costs to the table and they would provide the rest. In store design can be very important to some brands. Thus they might be willing to help you in designing an ideal layout for the store as well. The location of your franchise is of extreme importance. If you take a look at Starbucks, their outlets are at all major locations at exit and entry points at malls, for example. Thus your franchisor will help you look at potential locations and help you with rent and other financial issues. A grand store opening program can help you garner a lot visibility in the eyes of your customers. Some franchisors may be willing to help you with your store opening. After all, good business for you means good business for them.

Marketing Support

One of the major advantages of a franchise model is the marketing assistance you receive. Building a brand from scratch can be a very daunting task, especially for a first time entrepreneur. They will provide you with various plans and schemes which help you to attract new customers as well as retain them. Their staff will help you determine budgets and provide you advice on which strategies to pursue and which to discard.

Ongoing Support

Apart from support before operations commence, franchisors will also provide you with ongoing support. They will provide you with guidelines as to how to run your business. Many franchisors have strict standards, which you will have to follow in order to be successful. Also, some may be ready to provide you help and guidance during rough times. Thus even if you are a first time entrepreneur, with little or no experience in running your own business, you can be assured that there is help available to you.

Real Estate Assistance

Your franchisor will help you to locate and decide the best site for your business. This can be very important for the fast food as well as retail business. These often need to be in prime locations to attract customers. They will assist you in construction and layout of your store. Referring to McDonalds, again- they usually buy property in prime locations and then rent it out to their franchisees.


Franchise Opportunities in India

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Successful Startups: 

Franchises can help you succeed in business with their proven business models, training, promotions, as well as support.
1. You must do your research on Franchises with an excellent track record of successses.
2. Make sure you have personally visited at a few Franchisees youself and experienced their offerings.
3. Research sufficiently to ascertain that Products and Services have high likelyhood of success in your town / area.
4. Meet company officials and get full details on training, tools and support provided by them.
5. Lastly, have a full understanding of costs and margins that you will have to share with the Principals.
Note: Please contact the companies directly for further details. We have provided Links for your convenience.