Box and Carton Manufacturing

Produce boxes, corrugated boxes and cartons in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the needs of your customers.

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Please see all these Profiles in this section

Visit,, indian yellow pages for searching suppliers and products in box and carton manufacturing.

See the link to find various commercially manufactured cartons and boxes and its production.

Cartonboard production

Classic cartons

Kariyaden industries- commercial packaging material enquiry

I have the area, also electricity, so can you provide the details

Please see the link

Hi ,

I am interested on your article, Can you please let me know more details about this project( like Source of raw material and
labor and Buyers ).

Siva Gundu

A query similar to the one you have asked has already been replied to. Kindly see all our replies in this topic.
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Dear Sir/Mam,
I want to start a small business, please provide me the detailed information regarding box and carton manufacturing business. Can you please share the details & investment, manufacturing process, source of raw material, buyers, etc. for the same.

Please see the Link for details regarding Box and Carton Manufacturing Business.

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Dear Sir/Mam
Kindly provide me with the details to start the above mentioned business
Thank you.

It is strongly encouraged that an entrepreneur must make the detailed business project report by himself; this will assist you to better understand the pros and cons of the potential business. Also the competition, suppliers, customer preferences etc. differs depending upon the targeted location. Providing something different or better in your product/services then merely replicating other businesses can be a key factor to success.
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