Home Based Businesses

Bed and Breakfast

Is fast becoming very popular with travelers. Provide your customers with a place to rest at night and a meal in the morning.

Online Shopping Site

Online Shopping is getting more and more popular. Online shopping can be hassle free and can help customers save money by providing opportunities for comparision shopping. Look for unserved segments or specialized markets for profitable opportunities.

Auction Selling

You can sell and resell products through online sites like ebay, amazon for a profit

Selling Audio Books Online

The website will allow people to buy and/or download audio books on a wide range of subjects, starting from cooking recipes to academic books.

Chauffeur Service

Provide chauffeurs to people or organizations for a cost.

Customized Branded Products

This solution would allow companies, business, educational institutions to put their Branding on objects used by their stakeholders. For example, a school could strike a bulk which would entail delivery of school bags with an approved design and logo. Also every function or giveaway could be branded this way. Similarly companies can utilize these services to put the companies logo on any material the company provides to its employees.Its a growing trend that employees especially technology oriented who would like to flaunt their companies logo as well. A similar spin off could also help supply customized T-Shirts for office/school occasions.Corporate gifting could also come in the purview of this business.

Brochure/Pamplets Designing & Printing

Many businesses today need brochures/pamphlets for promotions. From restaurants distributing brochures to boost their home delivery business to gyms keeping brochures to explain their pricing. You can design and print brochures/pamphlets for businesses. A good design, competitive rates and good business contacts are necessity for the success of this business.

Basket weaving

Start a business that manufactures and sells made-to-order baskets. This can reap in good profits as people from all walks of life are always searching for the perfect article for home decoration.

Nursing Facilities

Having an agency which provides nurses to patients.

Animal Registration

The organization will assist in the registration of pets for a fee. Also it will look after the registration and identification records of these pets.

Algorithm Developer for Teams

Create algorithms that determine which people will work better in which team through a collection of objective questions. Thus the group made will be made impartially and personal equations will not be considered. This is of growing importance as in most organizations team based approach for problem solving is followed.

Cereal Sachets

Each sachet should just have enough cereal for one glass of milk so that it neither gets too thick nor stay watery.

Designer Wear For Your Temple

A shop which sells dresses,jewelry and other items used as offerings for seeking god's blessings. This concept has  potential as selling designer wear for idols is an unique idea.

Tattoo Parlour

Men and women tattoo themselves to look more graceful. In additional to the classic black tattoo, colored tattoos are also embossed on one’s skin. These tattoos are of various designs, shapes and color. You can start a tattoo parlor if you can pull customers that have craze designing their selves. This business can also be operated online, where tattoo expert can personally visit customers place to draw the tattoo.

Candle making

There has been a sudden surge in the popularity of scented candles in the past decade. This popularity creates a tremendous business opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur to start a business that manufactures and sells candles.

Cleaning Services

Provide cleaning services in offices via a contract with the company.

Barter Systems

The organization will find people or other organizations who want to trade products required by someone for some other products. For this the organization will keep some commission which would then be the revenue of the company.

Referrer Business

Refer people to some companies and gain commission for that. This requires a low capital but large number of contacts. Could be online in nature.

Online library

Just as we can buy books online now-a-days, this is an innovative idea wherein people would be able to surf the entire library online and select the book they want to read which would then be delivered to them at their door step and collected back when they are done reading it.

Ethnic wear shop

A shop selling traditional Indian men and women wear like saris,salwar-kameez, lehenga-choli,etc. With more and more unique designs emerging, franchising in this sector is growing.

Selling T-Shirts Online

T-Shirts are considered fun wearing with creative designs, bright colors and the young feel, the t-shirt wearing population is on rise. This creates an opportunity to start online t-shirt selling business. Despite many established players like fruitink, tantra, marvel comics etc, there is huge population that is ready to try new brands too. The challenge would be to pull customers. Innovative designs, nice quality fabric and attractive website would help.

Chocolate Making

Starting a business that creates chocolate treats is a great new enterprise to initiate. It can be opened as a joint venture with a restaurant or catering service.

Apprenticeship Training

The organization will link the apprentice to an accomplished person in that field for a fee.


Create scrapbooks of people's lives. These scrapbooks are becoming extremely popular as many people want to cherish the memories in this beautiful way.

Content Creation

The organization will create the content for websites of other companies. This will be done either on contract basis or for a fixed fee.


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