Low Investment Businesses

Translation Service

International commerce is growing fast. Even though many believe English is the world's language, it is not. Thus, having an agency which provides Translators can be a very profitable organization.

Real Estate Broker Firm

The firm will assist the buying and selling of properties for a part of the price.

Expense Reduction Consultancy

Help companies decrease expenses in order to improve profits. The organization charges a fee for this service.

Data Entry

The organization or individual will complete data entry jobs for other companies in a given time for a fee.

Adventure Tourism

The organization handles various trekking or camping tours for people who want to have an adventurous vacation.

Affiliate Marketing

Create a website that promotes other organization's products or services for a commission.

Tribal Art

Tribal art is a long lost culture in most States. Revive this in your State by buying articles made by this art directly from the tribals and then selling it to the people.

Drop-in Your Child Centre

Provide facilities where parent can leave their children at a child friendly place whenever required. This need to becoming more and more apparent with working parents, and even with others, in time of need

Organic Hair Care Products & Cosmetics

Producing and selling hair care products developed from organic materials

Mobile Foot Massage Services

As lifestyle turns out to be more stressful, the demand for massage services is on rise. Massage acts as a relaxation tool and what better than customer getting this service on their doorstep. You can start a business of massage services in a van, which will come to customers' doorstep once the order is placed. This business can be marketed on social media, radio, through flyers etc.

Chocolate Making

Starting a business that creates chocolate treats is a great new enterprise to initiate. It can be opened as a joint venture with a restaurant or catering service.

Pest Control

Provide pest control service to households or companies.

Graphic Designing

Designing logos for major organizations or brands for a fee.

Auction Selling

You can sell and resell products through online sites like ebay, amazon for a profit

'How To ........' Videos

The organization creates 'how to ......' videos for a large number of tasks. The profit is made from the advertisements on the website.

Internet Research

Carry out the research for other organizations for a fee.

Car Logo Lights

The organization will create car logo lights for logos like Hyundai, Volkswagen, Skoda etc.

Memory Book Creation Services

People have boxes full of old priceless photographs. Provide services for creation of attractive memory books, DVDs etc from pictures. You need skills, a computer and scanner for getting into this business. Very inexpensive.

Body Building Supplement

Arrange and sell body building supplements at discounted price to various gym and fitness centres or individuals

Pedicure Services

The demand for pedicure is on boom, with different variants like mobile pedicure services, fish pedicure services, aroma pedicure services. You can start this business to cater the demanding customers.

Fresh Pasta Making

Supply Italian restaurants with fresh or dried pasta. This business has the potential to expand.


Using new techniques for advertising in order to increase client satisfaction like balloons, banners etc.

Personalized Children books

Make personalised story books with the child's name incorporated in the stories as a character.

Reference Websites

Create websites for professionals like doctors, lawyers solving their issues. The organization will earn the profits by advertisements on the site.

Vacation Home Exchange

The organization helps in getting two parties who want to spend their vacation at each others houses. For example if a family in Assam want to spend their vacation in Dehradun and vice versa, the organization will co-ordinate so that in their vacations they can stay at each others houses. This will be done for a commission.


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