Chocolate Making

Starting a business that creates chocolate treats is a great new enterprise to initiate. It can be opened as a joint venture with a restaurant or catering service.

Dog Treats

Baking gourmet dog treats and selling them either directly to consumers or to bigger distibutors like malls etc.

LED Lighting

LED lights are becoming popular among consumers. LEDs & LED rope lights can last for years and can help save significant amount of money due to lower energy costs. LED bulb is capable of adjusting intensity, light temperature, and even color in ways that are impossible with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In sign displays, LED diodes can outlast fluorescent tube lighting by many years, saving money in the long term. Plus, the number of possible color combinations that can be achieved with an LED screen is close to infinite, providing an unprecedented amount of flexibility.

Healthy Oils

Providing unadulterated pure oil for consumption & massage has demand. You can set up a small store extracting oil in front of the customers for a fee. You can extract oil of various products like olive, almond, sesame etc. In addition to this you can also set up manufacturing unit for making healthy cooking oil.

Fresh Pasta Making

Supply Italian restaurants with fresh or dried pasta. This business has the potential to expand.

Frozen Foods

The work hours of people are increasing. Due to this they no longer have the time to make meals from scratch. This business will target these people. This business requires a mix of good recipes and skills of managing sales and marketing.

3D Printing

3D printing is a field which is growing at an unbelievable rate.A 3D printer can be bought or even made in some cases for a small initial investment.For Example: Phone cases have already been proved as a great profit generating sector by various small 3D printing compaies around the world.Please read this article to understand the importance of this topic

Honey Making

If you can develop a strong network of suppliers to sell your products, you can start a beekeeping facility to produce honey. The unique selling proposition of your business would be to sell pure honey.

Generator Manufacturing

Manufacture generator sets; they usually vary by capacity. Choose a capacity which you can afford to manufacture.

Disguise The Bed

Free-up the space occupied by beds - when not in use. The beds get hidden in Wall Units or Sofa Sets. Creates additional living space during day time or the bedroom can be turned into a small Home Office in daytime.  A potentially huge market for this product is new home builders, architects, and property development companies.

Herbal Products

The organization will manufacture and/or distribute herbal products. This has the potential to be profitable as many people prefer these products as they use natural, non toxic ingredients.

Pet appliances/toys

There is a whole sector of sales related to domestic animals and their care.Manufacturing is inexpensive and if designed correctly a product can be distributed nation wide.Play things for pets also have a lower regulation level which should help with reducing the time to market for the product.

Peanut Butter Manufacturing

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Industrial Machine Tools

Manufacture a variety of industrial machine tools. You can also think of manufacturing spares and providing service to these tools.

Urban Farming

Urban farming is a relatively newer phenomena. The organization would provide guidance, required skills and supplies to make it easier for a household to do urban farming.

Handmade Paper

Manufacture handmade paper which is now growing in demand. This require skills of not only design but also sales and marketing.

Cleaning accessories

A good option could be to start a manufacturing business related to the cleaning industry.There is good potential even on a small scale to make an impact.Manufacturing can be done in house with the requisite equipment or can be contracted/outsourced to a business district which exist in various cities across India.Soaps can be manufactured with limited means as well.

Protein Bars

Skipping meals is commonly seen in today’s world, credit goes to the busy schedule of working age population. Protein bars give good nutrition and does not take time to consume. You can start a business of manufacturing protein bars. Apart from working individuals, fitness lovers can also be targeted.

Rubber Product Manufacturers

Manufacture a variety of rubber products.

Paper Bags

With growing knowledge of the problems of using plastic bags, there has been a surge in the manufacture and use of paper bags. This increase in market can be used to make a profitable business venture.

Automatic Food Dispenser For Pets

This food dispenser automatically gives out food of specific quantity at a specific time for dogs and cats when the owners are away.

Vehicle Accessories

This is a manufacturing business to provide third party solutions to the most popular vehicles in your area.initial set up will include costs for some R&D and machining tools.Partnerships could be formed with local distributors and vehicle service businesses. Concentrating on a single product would be a good way to start and then possibly diversify if demand meets and/or exceeds expectations with regards to customer adoption.Lower price points could be a good selling point.Also a warranty period along with good local serviceability could be looked into.

Cola Making

Though there are many established players selling cola with excellent distribution like coca cola, pepsi etc. You can cater to the niche market by creating unique flavor colas. You can network with caterers, chemists, general stores, restaurants etc. You can also target rural areas if your cost efficiency allows you so.

Auto Components

Manufacture different auto components such as clutches, axels, bumpers, shock absorbers, gears etc. Auto components is one of the fastest growing segments in the economy.

Owning a Franchisee

This requires a high initial capital but then managing the organisation is not difficult as the parent organisation will provide the required skills and expertise.


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