Service Businesses

Car Rental Services

Provide cars for rent to customers or organizations.

Dog Training Classes

This organization is involved in training of pet dogs to fulfill many functions, ranging from guarding the house to simple 'sit' tasks. This training can be done either in a separate center or in the house itself. Depending on the mode of training, the capital required varies.

Providing Cooling Solutions

Providing cooling solutions for industries or households.

Providing Medical Equipment to Patients

Either having rental services or buy and sell services for providing medical equipment to patients.

Graphic Designing

Designing logos for major organizations or brands for a fee.

Data Entry

The organization or individual will complete data entry jobs for other companies in a given time for a fee.

Underwater Restaurant

The restaurant will be below the sea or pool level. The walls will be made of a transparent material like acrylic or glass. Facilities should be present to reach this restaurant easily. This has the potential to be profitable due to Innovative concept

Algorithm Developer for Teams

Create algorithms that determine which people will work better in which team through a collection of objective questions. Thus the group made will be made impartially and personal equations will not be considered. This is of growing importance as in most organizations team based approach for problem solving is followed.


In a small area create a multilevel parking complex and charge the cars who want to park there. The location of this parking space is of prime importance.

Chauffeur Service

Provide chauffeurs to people or organizations for a cost.

Aviation Services

With the advent of smaller aircrafts, flying has become more accessible to the public. If you have avid interest in flying then you can set up a flying club along with your friends. You can also conduct training sessions for the people. At the same time you could ferry these planes or helicopters between locations and make money as a taxi service.

Managing Errands and Miscellaneous Tasks

Providing and managing services for Errands, Deliveries, Drivers, Packing/Unpacking, Quick Cleanings, Vendor Research & Office work.

Pet-Sitting Business

When going on vacation or a trip for a few days, there is a dilemma as to where would your pet stay and would it be safe.Pet sitting is an ever growing business where the only investment is having clean premises and some staff based on the volume. People can leave their pets in hygienic conditions for a few days.

Nail art salon

A Salon offering various nail art services like nail painting, nail piercing, nail decoration and nail lacquering in addition to services like manicure, pedicure, hand/foot spa, hand/foot massage. This emerging trend is popular among Indian women.

Buffet Only Restaurants

These restaurants serve food as per buffet system instead of the typical restaurants where separate prices are charged for each item on the menu. The buffet meals can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, international or traditional cuisine depending upon its targeted customers. 

Selling T-Shirts Online

T-Shirts are considered fun wearing with creative designs, bright colors and the young feel, the t-shirt wearing population is on rise. This creates an opportunity to start online t-shirt selling business. Despite many established players like fruitink, tantra, marvel comics etc, there is huge population that is ready to try new brands too. The challenge would be to pull customers. Innovative designs, nice quality fabric and attractive website would help.

Calorie Counted Meal Services

As people are busy with increasing work load, their nutrition is often ignored. This creates an opportunity; you can provide calorie counted meals delivered at the door step once the order is placed online. The target customers in this business can be the fitness conscious segment, also corporate working employees can be targeted.

Musical Instrument Sales

If you have a passion for music you can sell a variety of musical instruments to your customers.

Meat Substitute Restaurants

With growing concern for animal welfare, meat substituted products have grown in popularity. This popularity can be used to make profits by opening a restaurant with all meat substitutes.

Coaching Institute

Open a coaching institute which gives coaching for some particular entrance or scholarship exams or for general school and college work. Initial capital requirement is moderate and the venture can be profitable.

Nursing Facilities

Having an agency which provides nurses to patients.

Personal Chef

This organizations provide personal chefs for parties or events who make made to order food.

Reference Websites

Create websites for professionals like doctors, lawyers solving their issues. The organization will earn the profits by advertisements on the site.

Adventure Tourism

The organization handles various trekking or camping tours for people who want to have an adventurous vacation.

Small Business Coaching

The organization will give tips and help to small scale businesses on budget and feasibility of the business idea.


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