Skill Based Businesses

Rubber Product Manufacturers

Manufacture a variety of rubber products.

Safety Equipment in Households & Office

Manufacture and sell products which improve the safety of children and elders in the house. Also manufacture equipments focussed on corporate security.


The organization will send people who have knowledge about acupuncture to improve the health and fitness of clients for a fee.

Pet Training Business

A field less explored and big market.If you are good with animals and love to work with them, you can start a Training business which will help owners train their pets.Pet owners can also consult you regarding appropriate diet regime for their respective pets.

Chemical Manufacturing

Segments within this include- pesticides, fertilizers, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, petrochemicals etc. has been identified as a growth area for small and medium size enterprises.

Packaging Material

Manufacture and sell packaging material for various applications.

Small Business Coaching

The organization will give tips and help to small scale businesses on budget and feasibility of the business idea.

Vehicle Accessories

This is a manufacturing business to provide third party solutions to the most popular vehicles in your area.initial set up will include costs for some R&D and machining tools.Partnerships could be formed with local distributors and vehicle service businesses. Concentrating on a single product would be a good way to start and then possibly diversify if demand meets and/or exceeds expectations with regards to customer adoption.Lower price points could be a good selling point.Also a warranty period along with good local serviceability could be looked into.

Photograph Restoration Service

Restore old print photographs and also turn convert them into digital formats for your customers.

Weather Control Solutions

Providing weather control solutions like solar shields for commercial or residential buildings so that the temperature and conditions remain optimum.

Social Media Consulting Service

The organization will give assistance to other companies to create a better social media presence. This is of importance as with growing popularity of social networking presence, enterprises can do much better if they have an active social media presence.

Eye Care Center

Today not many people pay attention to their eyes. As also now people view spectacles from a style perspective. Hence an eye care center has great opportunities to develop.

Translation Service

International commerce is growing fast. Even though many believe English is the world's language, it is not. Thus, having an agency which provides Translators can be a very profitable organization.

Solar Lamps

Manufacturing and installing solar lamps for reducing dependence on electrical energy.

Party Plan Sales

Hosting social events where marketing and selling of products of other organizations occur.

Factory seconds

Buying a consumer durable item from retail outlets is not affordable to everyone. Hence an outlet selling genuine factory seconds of electronic gadgets can be a hit with the middle class.


Nutrition is big in everybody's minds these days. People want to live longer, eat healthier, think smarter and weigh less.  As a nutritionist, you or your organization will help your clients achieve all these goals through a variety of techniques. You can act as a consultant to restaurants and food manufacturers or act as a personal Dietician, give classes and seminars, or work with health clubs and health-conscious companies.

Antique Shop

Own an antique shop which sells, buys and provides consultancy for antiques. The antique shop could be centric over an era or some articles in particular like jewellery or vases.

Family History Research Service

The organization will help tracing down people's family tree for a fee. This has gained popularity as people want to know about their ancestors but have no way of finding out.

Fun filled learning

Blending the education concepts with dance, drama and music to instigate confidence, speech and communication skills in kids is a marvelous business idea.

Urban Farming

Urban farming is a relatively newer phenomena. The organization would provide guidance, required skills and supplies to make it easier for a household to do urban farming.

Hazardous Waste Collection

Collecting hazardous and toxic wastes from industries and safely disposing it.

Angel Investment

Invest in other business ventures to gain better returns if the company does well.

NGO consultancy

Provide low cost services to existing and prospective Non Governmental Organizations, especially in the interior areas of the country.

Dog Training Classes

This organization is involved in training of pet dogs to fulfill many functions, ranging from guarding the house to simple 'sit' tasks. This training can be done either in a separate center or in the house itself. Depending on the mode of training, the capital required varies.


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