Using new techniques for advertising in order to increase client satisfaction like balloons, banners etc.

Public Opinion Poll

Conduct Public Opinion Poll on various Products and Services

Vehicle Wrap Advertising

The organization will advertise companies by wrapping their banners on cars and cabs. This is now a very important mode of marketing. This is because these cars move around the city during daily usage and thus the advertising happens throughout the city rather than one place which happens due to banners and posters.

Amphibious Advertising

This technique uses inflatable display systems. Thus the billboard can be placed on any surface, land or water - caters to a larger segment of the target market.

Waiting Room TV Advertisement

The advertising here is done in waiting rooms of doctor's rooms, government offices, bank offices. etc. An advertisement or video clip of some product is shown. This has the potential to expand into airports and stations as well.

Social Media Consulting Service

The organization will give assistance to other companies to create a better social media presence. This is of importance as with growing popularity of social networking presence, enterprises can do much better if they have an active social media presence.

Affiliate Marketing

Create a website that promotes other organization's products or services for a commission.

Advertising with Entertainment

The organization will create videos which are disguised to be meant for entertainment but they do also serve as advertising for some companies. The video is not centered on the product yet the viewer will be influenced.

Network Marketing Business

This is mainly a type of business which is compatible with which ever section of society you are from or whatever product you use on a daily basis.This can either be done as a Franchise, a Re-seller or a Manufacturer.

Customized Branded Products

This solution would allow companies, business, educational institutions to put their Branding on objects used by their stakeholders. For example, a school could strike a bulk which would entail delivery of school bags with an approved design and logo. Also every function or giveaway could be branded this way. Similarly companies can utilize these services to put the companies logo on any material the company provides to its employees.Its a growing trend that employees especially technology oriented who would like to flaunt their companies logo as well. A similar spin off could also help supply customized T-Shirts for office/school occasions.Corporate gifting could also come in the purview of this business.
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