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Memory Book Creation Services

People have boxes full of old priceless photographs. Provide services for creation of attractive memory books, DVDs etc from pictures. You need skills, a computer and scanner for getting into this business. Very inexpensive.

Gift Props

The gifting service entrepreneurs that provides customers with a range of gift products like corporate gifts, new born gifts, birthday gifts needs props that will make their designs more attractive. You can make or import small props and act as a supplier to these entrepreneurs. These props include wooden designer buttons, wooden beats, acrylic small bay bottles, diapers, rocking horse, baby pram etc.

Charcoal Portraits

Photos are to capture memories but what if they could be transformed into a charcoal art by an artist for a fee. This is the business idea, to transform an existing picture into a portrait drawn with charcoal. You can start this business online or in a shop.

Embroidery Services

You can start embroidery services, provided you have the skills of embroidery or enough customer orders to recruit embroidery skilled worker. The business can provide services like customized logo embroidery, image embroidery, designs embroidery, embroidery for ethnic wears, caps, bags, etc. This can be done online giving pick and drop services, or opening a store. You can target schools, office, clubs, residence etc.

Designer Lace Manufacturing & Selling

Lace is one of the most important product used to enhance the beauty of the traditional wear (salwar suits, moden dresses). With traditional embroided laces available in the market, now businesses are also focussing on designer printed laces for sarees. You can use all the creativity in the world to create unique design of printed/embroidered laces. This business can be done online or in a store.

Basket weaving

Start a business that manufactures and sells made-to-order baskets. This can reap in good profits as people from all walks of life are always searching for the perfect article for home decoration.

Mobile Art Gallery

Select a number of artists and locations where the artwork can be displayed. This requires excellent presentation, organising and negotiating skills. This venture has a high potential to expand.

Paper Bags

With growing knowledge of the problems of using plastic bags, there has been a surge in the manufacture and use of paper bags. This increase in market can be used to make a profitable business venture.

Antique Shop

Own an antique shop which sells, buys and provides consultancy for antiques. The antique shop could be centric over an era or some articles in particular like jewellery or vases.

Handmade Paper

Manufacture handmade paper which is now growing in demand. This require skills of not only design but also sales and marketing.


Create scrapbooks of people's lives. These scrapbooks are becoming extremely popular as many people want to cherish the memories in this beautiful way.

Homemade Potpourri

There has been an increase in the popularity of homemade potpourri in the last few years. This has the potential to be transformed into a profitable venture by using innovative techniques and having good marketing and sales skills.

Customized Sketching Services

The organization has artists which create sketches of customers for a fixed fee. The customers can be people who want to capture the special moments of their lives like first date, marriage, newborn, family get together, friends' reunion etc. The sketch artist can either draw from an existing photo or can visit the customer for drawing live. 

Tribal Art

Tribal art is a long lost culture in most States. Revive this in your State by buying articles made by this art directly from the tribals and then selling it to the people.

Money making thermocol dishes and glasses

Disposable glasses and dishes are very much needed in many outdoor events. One can use the plain white outer surface of these glasses and dishes for advertisement purpose. The additional revenue generated by advertisements could even offset the cost of glasses and plates which would increase the overall return on investment.
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