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Auto Components

Manufacture different auto components such as clutches, axels, bumpers, shock absorbers, gears etc. Auto components is one of the fastest growing segments in the economy.

Car Rental Services

Provide cars for rent to customers or organizations.


In a small area create a multilevel parking complex and charge the cars who want to park there. The location of this parking space is of prime importance.

Car Pools

Coordinate people for car pools to their work. This is beneficial for them as they save on transport and good for you as you have a get a commission. It requires an initial large customer base.

Car Logo Lights

The organization will create car logo lights for logos like Hyundai, Volkswagen, Skoda etc.

Chauffeur Service

Provide chauffeurs to people or organizations for a cost.

Mobile garage services

Mobile garage services can be a business opportunity wherein one can provide garage services any time and anywhere within a region.  

Car cleaning services

Providing car cleaning services periodically and standardising and branding it.

Auto Service Station

There is a drastic increase in the number of cars and vehicles due to the growning population. Therefore you may think about setting up an after sales service centre. It could cater to all the needs of the cars and provide them servicing. Also you may start a second hand dealership which could also be very profitable.

Hybrid Car Spares

We all know how the fuel prices are increasing drastically everyday and not only this but the environmental hazards these are causing. A solution that has been developed for this is the use of hybrid cars. However, in India this has yet to gain momentum. Although there are a few companies selling them, the prices are very high due to no government subsidies. You could start a maunfacturing plant for the spare parts of such a car. This would make it more affordable and popular.

Vehicle Accessories

This is a manufacturing business to provide third party solutions to the most popular vehicles in your area.initial set up will include costs for some R&D and machining tools.Partnerships could be formed with local distributors and vehicle service businesses. Concentrating on a single product would be a good way to start and then possibly diversify if demand meets and/or exceeds expectations with regards to customer adoption.Lower price points could be a good selling point.Also a warranty period along with good local serviceability could be looked into.

Car Spa

Car owners love to keep their Vehicles squeaky clean. Provide service of through cleaning & polishing of Car inside-out. This service can be provided on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Share a Luxury Car for a Fixed Number of Days in a year. The concept is of Shared Ownership with well defined Rules and Comprehensive Insurance
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