Business Assistance

Designing Restaurant Menus

This involves designing of menus for restaurants at a subsidised rate in order to gain permission by the restaurant to have advertisements of other companies in the menus. This also involves photography and a general love for food.

Packaging Material

Manufacture and sell packaging material for various applications.

Cleaning Services

Provide cleaning services in offices via a contract with the company.

Office Records Management

The organization will manage the office records for a fee. Managing will include organizing the files, creating a digital copy and fireproofing the important files.

Background Check

The organization will do a background check of potential employees and clients of a company for a fee.

Virtual Assistance

Through email the organization will manage most assistant jobs like fixing meetings, providing schedules and writing various proposals for a fee.

Manging Payrolls

Manage payrolls of employees of other organizations for a fee.

Referrer Business

Refer people to some companies and gain commission for that. This requires a low capital but large number of contacts. Could be online in nature.

Internet Research

Carry out the research for other organizations for a fee.

Chauffeur Service

Provide chauffeurs to people or organizations for a cost.

Organising Service

Now a days people don't have time and they would be willing to pay for Professional Organising Services. Suitable for individuals who already possess these traits.

Business Centers

Business Centers are shared/serviced office spaces available for start ups / small business.Basic office and secretarial services are made available.Cuts down the setting up time for establishments and also helps smaller businesses minimize infrastructure expenditure.

Cashless Payment Service

This idea deals with a cashless payment service(card) which can be attached on smartphones, tablets or a personal computer with a simple and small swipe/data acquisition peripheral.Every transaction can be charged based on a fixed percentage.This is aimed at allowing the seller/payment recipient to be more mobile. This would allow small retailers to accept payment from clients/customers via credit/debit cards without the need of complicated and/or expensive equipment.Similarly personal payments can be made in a matter of seconds.Similar services are running successfully in western countries and have huge potential in the Indian market.Thus sourcing such devices can also be looked into.

Boardroom Facilities

Many small business  houses do not have Boardrooms of their own. You can develop one of your own and hire it out to such business houses.

Hotel Equipment

Provide equipment that hotels constantly need.
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