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Softwares to Record Child Performance

Create a software which records and tracks children's academic performance and behaviour throughout his/her growing years to help parents decide which profession is most suitable for them.

Baby Hand/Feet Impressions

Create baby hand or feet impressions in brass for a cost.

Toys on rent

Due to ever changing demands of children with respect to toys parents find it difficult to provide their chilren with expensive toys frequently. Thus one may come up with an innovative idea of making toys available on rent.

Drop-in Your Child Centre

Provide facilities where parent can leave their children at a child friendly place whenever required. This need to becoming more and more apparent with working parents, and even with others, in time of need

Camps for children

Summer camps/winter camps and variations of activities with kids in mind is an excellent field for quick growth in a fun way. Specialized camps for example: golf camp or horse riding camp etc can be exciting as well as popular among schools and parents as well.It can also be an excellent bonding place for parents of kids in different schools.This could lead to a collection of child related clubs under this umbrella which would bring people together and would be fun for kids as well.

Soft Toys Manufacture/Dealer

Most women and children are much attracted towards soft toys and hence there is a huge demand for these. We have brands like archies, hallmark, hamleys etc. to cater these needs charging premium pricing; you can manufacture or import soft toys and sell to the customers at affordable prices. Also you can act like a wholesaler and distribute soft toys to various small retailers. 

Clothing Brand for Children

Fashion is now not limited to adults, there are various brands available in the market that make fashionable clothing for children. These brands charge a premium for catering to the kids segment. This creates an opportunity of manufacturing/selling kids’ clothes that are of good quality and design with reasonable pricing targeting the pockets of middle to higher middle section of the society.

Selling Baby Products at a Discounted Price

You can start a one stop shop for all baby products at a discounted price than what is offered in the market. The product range includes diapers, bibs, baby pillow, baby soaps, shampoo, oil, baby napkin, mosquito nets, anti-rash cream, tying cloth, baby caps, baby nail cutter etc. The success to this business model is volume based business. Find a location which is within or nearby a shopping market where it’s crowded and there are few to no competitors offering the same range. You can get higher discounts from the companies by ordering large amount of stocks. This business can also be done online provided you have the necessary contacts.

Baby Toys & Accessories

India being one of the nation’s high in birth rate, toys/accessories like walking cradle, pram, kids motor bike, designer cycles, baby swing etc. can be seen as a lucrative business. Though there are websites like & catering to this need on a large scale, their product range mostly includes branded products like fisherprice which not everyone can afford. There seems to be not many established players offering such products (non branded - mainly from china) at affordable price to cater middle/higher middle class earning segment of the society. 

Baby Clothes Rental Service

As babies grow out of their clothes in a few months, this service helps parents use baby clothes (sometimes even designer) for a fixed fee per month. This has the potential to be profitable as both the customer and the organization gain.

Child Day Care Centre

Due to large number of working parents, day child care becomes a huge problem. This organization will be catering to these needs by taking care of the young children during the day.

Personalized Children books

Make personalised story books with the child's name incorporated in the stories as a character.
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