Clothing & Apparels

Design Boutiques

Custom clothing designs and tailoring for your customers.

Uniform Services

Uniforms can be provided to school, sports teams, to security firms, hospitals and a whole host of other institutions.

Clothes on Rent

Due to increase in the cost of living, it is difficult for many people to spend on expensive attire for occasions that come and go. You can cater this section of society by starting a Clothes on Rent outlet/online business. Here you can rent people clothes for various occasions like marriage, festivals, corporate meet etc.

Designer Wear For Your Temple

A shop which sells dresses,jewelry and other items used as offerings for seeking god's blessings. This concept has  potential as selling designer wear for idols is an unique idea.

Ethnic wear shop

A shop selling traditional Indian men and women wear like saris,salwar-kameez, lehenga-choli,etc. With more and more unique designs emerging, franchising in this sector is growing.

Organic Clothing

Selling clothes made of organic materials (where pesticides are not used on cotton, silk etc). You can have a range of clothing from kids clothing to formal office wear

Selling T-Shirts Online

T-Shirts are considered fun wearing with creative designs, bright colors and the young feel, the t-shirt wearing population is on rise. This creates an opportunity to start online t-shirt selling business. Despite many established players like fruitink, tantra, marvel comics etc, there is huge population that is ready to try new brands too. The challenge would be to pull customers. Innovative designs, nice quality fabric and attractive website would help.
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