Consultancy Services

Expense Reduction Consultancy

Help companies decrease expenses in order to improve profits. The organization charges a fee for this service.


Understanding concepts which are highly technical and explaining to the people or organizations what they mean for a fee. The technical concept could be field dependent.

Professional Speech Writing

For important events it is required that the speeches spoken are good. The organization will make speeches for the speakers at some cost.

Solutions for Infrastructure

Although there a lot of new buildings coming up, there are also present a lot of old buildings in the already developed areas. Some of these buildings are decades or maybe centuries old and hence very inefficient in terms of energy consumption, water consumption etc. You may look to provide them with newer, better and energy saving sustainable solutions for the buildings.

Career Counselling

The organization will help clients choose their professional goals through a series of aptitude tests, interviews and discussions for a fee.

Detective Agencies

It can be a very important part of an organization to know more about their employees, recruitment and also other people they do business with. A detective company can help them in gathering such information. They may also be used for personal issues also.

Business Plan Writer

The organization will help writing and finalizing the business plan for other companies for a fee.

Free Lance Writing Services

A number of companies need writing services on regular basis. This can be an attractive full time or Part Time work if you possess the necessary skills.

Home Energy Consultancy

This organization will consult households on how to reduce their energy consumption for a fee. This does not require a high initial capital but requires good marketing and people skills.

NGO consultancy

Provide low cost services to existing and prospective Non Governmental Organizations, especially in the interior areas of the country.

Providing Temporary Workers

The organization will provide temporary employees to companies and manufacturing units during some periods for some fee.

3d Visualization Recruitment Services

In the field of 3d architectural visualization, most training classes do not guarantee job placements. There are many small firms that are house operated and one does not know about them, even job portals do not have them on their list. You can visit your city, surf internet and find out most of such small firms that pay well to their employees and act as a recruitment agent.

Finding Sales Leads

The organization will help other companies in finding potential markets and segments of a particular product for a fee.

Agriculture Consultancy

The organization will give advice on which crops are best suitable to the particular conditions like climate, irrigation facilities, capital etc. For this the organization will take a consultancy fee.

Total Quality Management Consultancy

The organization gives assistance to other companies to improve the quality of the products and the efficiency of operations for a fee.

Search Engine Marketing

The organization helps in improving the visibility of a website by paying the search engine and giving advertisements which are related. This is required as when the visibility increases the frequency of the site being seen and used increases.

Algorithm Developer for Teams

Create algorithms that determine which people will work better in which team through a collection of objective questions. Thus the group made will be made impartially and personal equations will not be considered. This is of growing importance as in most organizations team based approach for problem solving is followed.

Social Media Consulting Service

The organization will give assistance to other companies to create a better social media presence. This is of importance as with growing popularity of social networking presence, enterprises can do much better if they have an active social media presence.

Software Troubleshooting

Get into contracts with major software providers to solve customer problems.

Family History Research Service

The organization will help tracing down people's family tree for a fee. This has gained popularity as people want to know about their ancestors but have no way of finding out.


Services are being provided in many fields. For example: management, finance, legal and marketing. If you are a professional you may want to think about consultancy.

Image Consultant

The organization will boost up the confidence of their clients by changing their appearance through small changes thereby making them more comfortable in a personal or professional setting.

Translation Service

International commerce is growing fast. Even though many believe English is the world's language, it is not. Thus, having an agency which provides Translators can be a very profitable organization.

Placement Algorithms

Create an algorithm that can determine the best fit for a job in the span of milliseconds. For doing this both applicants and the recruiters give answers to either yes/no questions or grading questions in the scale of ten. The program then gives the perfect job fit.
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