Designing & Printing

Graphic Designing

Designing logos for major organizations or brands for a fee.

3D Printing

3D printing is a field which is growing at an unbelievable rate.A 3D printer can be bought or even made in some cases for a small initial investment.For Example: Phone cases have already been proved as a great profit generating sector by various small 3D printing compaies around the world.Please read this article to understand the importance of this topic

Designer Printed Fans

In the modern world, designer stuffs are in demand, we have designer clothes, designer jewelry, designer lights, designer paints etc. so why not create designer fans. These fans will be printed with different graphical designs and can be sold at a premium. Different materials can be used to make designs like vinyl, paints, etc.

T-Shirt Printing

From retail businesses to travel agencies, today most of the business needs their company logo printed on the uniform, also the t-shirt entrepreneurs are on rise, selling t-shirts online, this creates a business opportunity printing on shirts, uniform, t-shirts or any fabric. You can start printing business at a shop or in-house, taking orders online.

Digitally Printed Wall Display

A lot of money is spent on designing ones house; people always want their house to look better from their friends. Wall paints have become common, so textured paints, wallpapers etc were introduced to make the walls look beautifully unique, and there is one more good option that has not been captured yet, digitally printed wall display. Here vinyl material is designed, cut, printed and pasted on the wall to give it a feel of a designer wall. The designs can be of a tree, butterfly, flowers, buildings etc

Brochure/Pamplets Designing & Printing

Many businesses today need brochures/pamphlets for promotions. From restaurants distributing brochures to boost their home delivery business to gyms keeping brochures to explain their pricing. You can design and print brochures/pamphlets for businesses. A good design, competitive rates and good business contacts are necessity for the success of this business.

Tattoo Parlour

Men and women tattoo themselves to look more graceful. In additional to the classic black tattoo, colored tattoos are also embossed on one’s skin. These tattoos are of various designs, shapes and color. You can start a tattoo parlor if you can pull customers that have craze designing their selves. This business can also be operated online, where tattoo expert can personally visit customers place to draw the tattoo.
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