Fun filled learning

Blending the education concepts with dance, drama and music to instigate confidence, speech and communication skills in kids is a marvelous business idea.

Language Lessons

People are providing a variety of language lessons these days. If you are proficient in a language, this would be relatively easy to implement.

Coaching Institute

Open a coaching institute which gives coaching for some particular entrance or scholarship exams or for general school and college work. Initial capital requirement is moderate and the venture can be profitable.

Hobby Classes

Give hobby classes to children or adults like teaching instuments like guitar, sports like football and arts and crafts. Requires a small capital and is easy to manage.

Career Counselling

The organization will help clients choose their professional goals through a series of aptitude tests, interviews and discussions for a fee.

Case Study Portal

The website provides case studies for a wide array of topics for better understanding of concepts. The organization makes profit by advertisements on the site.

Used Bookstores

These bookstores sell used and out of print books either through shops or online. People can also sell used books to the store.

Small Business Coaching

The organization will give tips and help to small scale businesses on budget and feasibility of the business idea.

Library cum cafe

A library in combination with a cafe would be an excellent attraction for book lovers. It would enhance their reading experience.

Financial jargons made easy

Finance is such a field which is full of jargons and, unlike any other field, today, understanding these jargons in the field of finance has become very important for any individual who wishes to manage his wealth. Thus if you are from the field of finance you can cater to this need of simplifying these financial jargons and helping the common man understand it conceptually.

Online library

Just as we can buy books online now-a-days, this is an innovative idea wherein people would be able to surf the entire library online and select the book they want to read which would then be delivered to them at their door step and collected back when they are done reading it.

Camps for children

Summer camps/winter camps and variations of activities with kids in mind is an excellent field for quick growth in a fun way. Specialized camps for example: golf camp or horse riding camp etc can be exciting as well as popular among schools and parents as well.It can also be an excellent bonding place for parents of kids in different schools.This could lead to a collection of child related clubs under this umbrella which would bring people together and would be fun for kids as well.

Guide Books

Guide books are popular among children and young adults to compress and consolidate textbook material.Many a times students rely on guide books for exam preparations.Thus this business involves skill and a responsibility towards your readers.Consequently you can also contribute to existing brand of guide books who keep publishing newer editions of the same book with minor changes to keep sales up.
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