Angel Investment

Invest in other business ventures to gain better returns if the company does well.

Finance Sport Teams

Finance or sponsor college or community sports teams and get a share of the winning price if the team wins.

Financial jargons made easy

Finance is such a field which is full of jargons and, unlike any other field, today, understanding these jargons in the field of finance has become very important for any individual who wishes to manage his wealth. Thus if you are from the field of finance you can cater to this need of simplifying these financial jargons and helping the common man understand it conceptually.

Sports Leagues

We all know how successful a sporting league like the IPL has become. You may also create such a league at a small scale. You may want to venture into other sports and martial arts which the people usually are not aware of but are very interesting. Developing sport will also provide you with assistance from the media and other business houses as well as you could get incentives from the Government.
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