Low Fat Food

Create commercially producible low fat food which also takes into account certain dietary requirements of customers like gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance.

Yoghurt parlor

Selling Frozen yoghurt is an international business concept gaining extensive popularity in India. Yoghurt or curd is popular as a desert in the Indian population. A parlor selling different flavors of frozen yoghurt can do the trick for sweet lovers. Also providing home delivery can boost the business.

Healthy Snacking

With more and more people becoming health conscious, there is a rise in the demand of healthy snacking products. You can start a brand catering this section of the society. Either packaged products or order to make can be sold. 

Bed and Breakfast

Is fast becoming very popular with travelers. Provide your customers with a place to rest at night and a meal in the morning.

Organic Poultry or Eggs

The poultry should be only given organic feed so that the eggs and the poultry is a preferred choice for health conscious people.

Organic Yogurt & Organic Dairy products

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, you can provide organic dairy products to cater this section of the society

Calorie Counted Meal Services

As people are busy with increasing work load, their nutrition is often ignored. This creates an opportunity; you can provide calorie counted meals delivered at the door step once the order is placed online. The target customers in this business can be the fitness conscious segment, also corporate working employees can be targeted.

Chocolate Making

Starting a business that creates chocolate treats is a great new enterprise to initiate. It can be opened as a joint venture with a restaurant or catering service.

Export of Poultry Leftovers

In some countries, some parts of the meat is eaten which is not eaten at other places. This organization will export to these countries this meat. Apart from this the organization will also sell the poultry manure as fertilizers.

Pizza by the slice

Opening a small pizza by the slice takeout restaurant instead of typical full-service sit-down pizza restaurant. The benefit of this type of business is that it requires smaller space for operating. A kiosk in the mall or a location in the crowded area near offices, malls, shopping plaza etc are key places for such business

Fresh Pasta Making

Supply Italian restaurants with fresh or dried pasta. This business has the potential to expand.

Old Style Restaurant

The restaurant can have a menu which is comprising of traditional dishes, cooked in a traditional way, served traditionally and the restaurant can have a traditional decor.


Bakery business provides a range of products like muffins, doughnuts, cakes, different type of breads etc. These products can be sold at storefront retail to the customers and/or can be sold to shops & hotels as distributors.

Sports Bar

Create a great hang-out for sports fans that will make them want to come back for each game. Since the main attraction in this enterprise is sporting events, sports bars have televisions with a view from every seat, sometimes all tuned to different channels to watch different sports events altogether.

Cereal Sachets

Each sachet should just have enough cereal for one glass of milk so that it neither gets too thick nor stay watery.

Selling Dried Fruits & Nuts

Dried Fruits & Nuts can be purchased in bulk, repackaged into smaller sizes and sold to retailers. Also you can create your own brand of packaged Dried Fruits.

Meat Substitute Restaurants

With growing concern for animal welfare, meat substituted products have grown in popularity. This popularity can be used to make profits by opening a restaurant with all meat substitutes.

Food on wheels

In a crowded and an expensive city like Mumbai, establishing a restaurant in a prime location would require a lot of initial investment which can be very difficult and risky to raise for aspiring entrepreneurs. In such a scenario, you can hire a van or invest in a van and use it as a mobile restaurant. This would reduce your required capital to a very significant extent and allow you to access the most prime locations at peak hours. Thus assuming that your product is unique and widely accepted, this concept would fetch you a good return on investment and in the long run you would find it easier to raise capital and actually establish a chain of restaurants.

Nutritious Frankie

Serving delicious range of Frankie to the fast food lovers. A small stall/kiosk is required at the key area with presence or offices/ schools/ residence/ stations etc. Frankie with a healthy nutritious filling can be used as a highlighter to attract customers

Pay as you Wish Restaurants

In these restaurants, drinks have fixed prices but the customers decide how much to pay for the food. In these settings the customer usually pays the fair price and the restaurant can sometime still end up with a good profit.

Healthy Snack

In this health conscious world, one may come up with this innovative idea of providing healthy snack outlets for the health conscious people. Healthy snacks may include sprouts and pulses products, salads etc.

Buffet Only Restaurants

These restaurants serve food as per buffet system instead of the typical restaurants where separate prices are charged for each item on the menu. The buffet meals can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, international or traditional cuisine depending upon its targeted customers. 

Mobile Breakfast Catering

With growing increase in work hours, people find it difficult to cook breakfast or go out to eat it. This organization will cater to their needs by having stalls at particular places where people can take away or stand and eat before going for work.

Library cum cafe

A library in combination with a cafe would be an excellent attraction for book lovers. It would enhance their reading experience.

Theme Restaurants

Most people today visit a restaurant for enjoying the ambience in addition to having food. Theme restaurant provides a complete experience to its customers by taking them to the whole new environment. These type of restaurants creates its interiors as per a particular theme. The theme can be of a village, a forest, of another country, pre-independence age, a jail etc.


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