Gifting Services

Handmade Paper

Manufacture handmade paper which is now growing in demand. This require skills of not only design but also sales and marketing.


Create scrapbooks of people's lives. These scrapbooks are becoming extremely popular as many people want to cherish the memories in this beautiful way.

Stationary Gifts

These gifts would be low priced, everything in it will be usable and they would thus be perfect as return gifts for children's birthday parties.

Gift Coupons

Many people have gift coupons they can't use of some stores. The organization will buy these coupons from these people at a lower price than the value of the coupon and sell it to someone else at a higher price than this but lower than the value of the coupon.

Gifting Services

You could start a service of delivering greetings, gifts, flowers etc. from doorstep to doorstep. The people may not have the time to go shopping for gifts in their busy schedule. So they can call up the service provider or order online and get their gifts delivered. In the same way you could start a gift producing company, maybe one which manufactures toys as well as greeting cards.

Memory Book Creation Services

People have boxes full of old priceless photographs. Provide services for creation of attractive memory books, DVDs etc from pictures. You need skills, a computer and scanner for getting into this business. Very inexpensive.

Gift Props

The gifting service entrepreneurs that provides customers with a range of gift products like corporate gifts, new born gifts, birthday gifts needs props that will make their designs more attractive. You can make or import small props and act as a supplier to these entrepreneurs. These props include wooden designer buttons, wooden beats, acrylic small bay bottles, diapers, rocking horse, baby pram etc.

Candle making

There has been a sudden surge in the popularity of scented candles in the past decade. This popularity creates a tremendous business opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur to start a business that manufactures and sells candles.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are used in festivals and other family occasions. The organization will provide custom made gift baskets for these occasions.

Souvenier Stores

Open souvenier stores selling gift items and novelty articles at strategic locations.

Coffee Mugs

Designing custom made coffee mugs to be used in large corporate organizations with their company logo and vision.
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