Green Energy / Environment

Solar Lamps

Manufacturing and installing solar lamps for reducing dependence on electrical energy.

Hazardous Waste Collection

Collecting hazardous and toxic wastes from industries and safely disposing it.

Trash Transformation Business

The organization will either recycle the trash or use that trash to make items which can be sold to make profits like collages and wall hangings.

Home Energy Consultancy

This organization will consult households on how to reduce their energy consumption for a fee. This does not require a high initial capital but requires good marketing and people skills.

Waste management

In such a highly populous country like India, managing water is becoming a growing concern. And waste is something whose production has no end. Till mankind exists he will keep producing waste. Thus, this world will always be in need of waste management service providers. Waste management includes collection, treatment, recycling, disposal of numerous waste.

Rural solar energy

With over 6.3 lac villages in India and over 96000 villages still experiencing power crisis, one can cater to this energy need by making available solar energy panels and equipments to such villages.

Cool-roofs installation

Installing cool-roofs that are made of materials that reflect sun-heat so that the building does not heat up due to heat absorption. This would also increase the energy efficiency and reduce the heat-island effect in urban areas.

Solutions for Infrastructure

Although there a lot of new buildings coming up, there are also present a lot of old buildings in the already developed areas. Some of these buildings are decades or maybe centuries old and hence very inefficient in terms of energy consumption, water consumption etc. You may look to provide them with newer, better and energy saving sustainable solutions for the buildings.

Garbage Disposal

Daily tons and tons of waste is generated. However, the people dump all of this waste in one place and it eventally goes in a land fill and no use is made of it. Instead if the waste was segregated into iron scrap, recyclable plastic, biodegradable waste etc. they could be sent to the respective plants and can be used again for other things. However, the first step would be to create awareness among the consumer level but a service rendering waste management can also be set up.

Rain Water Harvesting

Water shortage is already one of the major issues in many parts of India. Water Harvesting provides effective solutions for this problem. Learn all about Water Harvesting, get trained, and offer comprehensive solutions to the people in need.

Solar Water Heater

Manufacturing and installing solar water heaters for reducing dependence on electrical energy

Scrap Metal Dealers

These dealers collect scrap metal from households and then sell it to big industries for a profit. This requires very small capital.

Weather Control Solutions

Providing weather control solutions like solar shields for commercial or residential buildings so that the temperature and conditions remain optimum.
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