Household Services

Cleaning Services

Provide cleaning services in offices via a contract with the company.

Portable Kitchen on Wheels

This kitchen will have all the facilities required for cooking. It can be rented out to professional caterers for a fixed rent.

Standardising and branding of Ironing services

Providing quality assured and reliable ironing services for clothes by using specially trained personnel. 

House-maid service providers

Standardizing and branding of house-maid services thus assuring quality and reliability.


A self-service laundry is a facility where clothes are washed and dried. Such a service is known as a laundromat. They are quite famous in countries such as US, UK, Australia etc. However, the concept is not really prevalent in India. Laundromats can be set up within campuses such as colleges or offices, where people live in hostels. In the fast paced world, it can be a very rewarding venture.

Consolidated Plumbing/Electrician services

Housing societies can be targeted on a subscription basis along with partnerships with hardware stores.Advertising can be accomplished through reference or partnerships.Additional services can include insecticide services and building maintainance.This industry is largely dependent upon individuals and hence a consolidated servicing business could appeal to most housing societies as well as independent owners.Reliability and reachability is an important factor.

Shoe laundry

The concept of shoe laundry is new. People now have become aware of their choice and hygiene of footwear and hence expect a long life for their expensive shoes. Therefore Footwear laundry and repair service shop has great potential to develop in the market since it lacks good shoe service providers.

Home Repair Services

Provide services for home repair, ranging from electronics, plumbing, painting and other minor contracting services. You can choose to provide all these services as one business.

Retirement Homes

Provide lodging, care and services and cater to the specific needs of your customers and their families.

Pest Control

Provide pest control service to households or companies.

Water Jet pumps

Providing water jet pumps for domestic or industrial usage.

Comparison Shopping In Home Appliances

Provide household appliances at a cheaper price by reducing maintenance and capital costs. This can be done by having a showroom containing no prototypes of standard items but only pamphlets or pictures to make the customers decide before putting in the final order.

Maintenance and Repair of Home Appliances

Provide maintenance and repair for home appliances either directly on site or at an outlet.

Safety Equipment in Households & Office

Manufacture and sell products which improve the safety of children and elders in the house. Also manufacture equipments focussed on corporate security.

Building Maintenance

Carry out the cleaning and maintenance operations in offices, houses or institutes.
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