Software Security

Providing software security solutions for computers as well as mobiles.

Software Troubleshooting

Get into contracts with major software providers to solve customer problems.

Softwares to Record Child Performance

Create a software which records and tracks children's academic performance and behaviour throughout his/her growing years to help parents decide which profession is most suitable for them.


Though the idea is not new, people can use their mobile phone or some other handheld device as a wallet so that they don't have to carry cash. Wireless money can be transfered between accounts and people would never have the requirement of paper money thus also being eco-friendly. It has been underdevelopment but it can be made more accessible.

Build Apps for mobile platforms

Basic coding is required for this idea,but earning potential is huge.iOS and Android are the leading Mobile platforms.iOS needs an investment to become an Application developer though the kit for android is free.

Cashless Payment Service

This idea deals with a cashless payment service(card) which can be attached on smartphones, tablets or a personal computer with a simple and small swipe/data acquisition peripheral.Every transaction can be charged based on a fixed percentage.This is aimed at allowing the seller/payment recipient to be more mobile. This would allow small retailers to accept payment from clients/customers via credit/debit cards without the need of complicated and/or expensive equipment.Similarly personal payments can be made in a matter of seconds.Similar services are running successfully in western countries and have huge potential in the Indian market.Thus sourcing such devices can also be looked into.

Software Development

Develop and create new computer software for your client.

Providing EPABX solutions

Provide EPABX solutions to offices, homes or institutes for better security.
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