Designer Lights/Lamps

Everybody likes a house that is beautifully decorated with creative lightings. With an increase in the demand of interior decoration business, there has been also a simultaneous rise in the demand for designer lights. One can start a business of making lights in a creative way and selling them to the customers. This business can be done as a wholesaler, retailer,  in shops/malls/kiosk or online.

Pedicure Services

The demand for pedicure is on boom, with different variants like mobile pedicure services, fish pedicure services, aroma pedicure services. You can start this business to cater the demanding customers.

Designer Printed Fans

In the modern world, designer stuffs are in demand, we have designer clothes, designer jewelry, designer lights, designer paints etc. so why not create designer fans. These fans will be printed with different graphical designs and can be sold at a premium. Different materials can be used to make designs like vinyl, paints, etc.

Manufacturing & Selling Fashionable Shoes

You can start an online portal selling well designed shoes (especially loafers) as per the latest fashion. This requires knowledge of shoe manufacturing process and raw material identification. The business can keep pricing of shoes below Rs.500 to attract sales volume. This can be marketed via social media targeting mainly the college going students.

Leather Bags

The demand for leather bags is growing with products like designer women bags, corporate bags, wallets etc. Manufacturing leather bags and selling it as a wholesaler seems to be a good business provided you are able to pull customers. Simultaneously you can also create your own brand for retail selling.

Tattoo Parlour

Men and women tattoo themselves to look more graceful. In additional to the classic black tattoo, colored tattoos are also embossed on one’s skin. These tattoos are of various designs, shapes and color. You can start a tattoo parlor if you can pull customers that have craze designing their selves. This business can also be operated online, where tattoo expert can personally visit customers place to draw the tattoo.

Bathroom Fittings

With rising craze for interior designing & home decoration industry, there seems to be an opportunity to provide designer fittings for bathroom. You can either focus on a niche segment of population or can cater with various budget range products.

Beauty Salon

Most of us want to look beautiful/handsome, presentable and up to the mark. The need arises due to many occasions may it be a wedding, corporate meeting, a date or general beauty consciousness; it leads to opportunity of starting a business that caters to this need. A beauty salon can be started providing various services for this segment.

Beauty Care Products

The need to look good creates demand for beauty care products. You can start a range of beauty care products; the key is to offer what other brands don’t offer. There are brands currently selling range of beauty care products including herbal products, organic products, ageing products, fairness products etc.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. You can start a service to provide aromatherapy, you can also sell essential oils for aromatherapy at home.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry helps in enhancing the appearance of one’s smile. You can start a dental cosmetic clinic to cater the look conscious section of the society.

Charcoal Portraits

Photos are to capture memories but what if they could be transformed into a charcoal art by an artist for a fee. This is the business idea, to transform an existing picture into a portrait drawn with charcoal. You can start this business online or in a shop.

Manufacturing/Selling Bedsheets, Curtains & Towels

There is a growing demand for home decorative products. You can start a manufacturing unit or be a dealer for making and selling designer bedsheet sets, curtains and towels with unique designs.

Designer Sarees

Even when western clothing is flourishing in India, one traditional dress is still growing in demand. Sarees are preferred by many women as a occasional wear. You can start to manufacture and sell designer sarees made of various fabrics. The key to success is to provide products that the existing saree players don’t cater.

Body Piercing

Body piercing is taken as a fashion statement. There is craze among people especially youngsters to pierce their eyebrows, face, belly etc. to look cool. You can start a piecing parlour or an online service to cater this demand.

Disguise The Bed

Free-up the space occupied by beds - when not in use. The beds get hidden in Wall Units or Sofa Sets. Creates additional living space during day time or the bedroom can be turned into a small Home Office in daytime.  A potentially huge market for this product is new home builders, architects, and property development companies.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment where laser is used to remove unwanted hair in a person's body. Initially only women were the targeted customers but with increased look consciousness among men, both the genders are potential customers. Models do it for looking more presentable, body builders do it for displaying muscle cuts, and people also demand such treatments before their wedding. If you are qualified this business has growing demand in India.

Interior Designing

If you have an eye or passion for interior designing, you can consider the possibility of beginning your own decorating business. Every person wants to be build his/her own dream house or office space. With the advent of technology, the interior furnishings have gained a new market with people customizing their houses according to their own aesthetic sense. If you have an artistic streak in you, you could do up a house as there are a lot of them coming up nowadays including luxury apartments.

Hair Salon

Hair styling has been considered one of the most important aspects of fashion. You can start a hair salon to cater different needs of consumers like hair cut, hair spa, hair color, etc. This business can also be started online providing services at the consumer's home, but this requirs good network of customers.

Temperature Control in Shower

A feedback system should be incorporated in the shower which checks even minor fluctuations in the final temperature of the water similar to an air-conditioner.

Mobile Foot Massage Services

As lifestyle turns out to be more stressful, the demand for massage services is on rise. Massage acts as a relaxation tool and what better than customer getting this service on their doorstep. You can start a business of massage services in a van, which will come to customers' doorstep once the order is placed. This business can be marketed on social media, radio, through flyers etc.
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