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Online Shopping Site

Online Shopping is getting more and more popular. Online shopping can be hassle free and can help customers save money by providing opportunities for comparision shopping. Look for unserved segments or specialized markets for profitable opportunities.

E-Commerce Based Grocery Delivery

For the working class, free time is a commodity.Thus a service wherein a registered individual can order vegetables online to be delivered home would be useful.The enterprise can work with the nearest vendor at the rate he offers(as vegetable rates depend on demand-supply.When volumes increase the enterprise can negotiate with the vendor for a discount.Since the vendor would like to have the additional volume.Delivery can be outsourced to a dedicated delivery service or entrusted to the vendor.

Group Discounts

The organization will make deals with a restaurant to give a particular discount to customers and a fee to you. The organization then has to put the discounts on their site to get the maximum number of customers which gives it the maximum profit. If the organization is not able to get enough customers then also the restaurant gets publicity therefore it is a win-win for everyone.

Posters online retail

An online site exclusively made to sell posters. Sports and entertainment related posters are popular among teenagers.

Auction Selling

You can sell and resell products through online sites like ebay, amazon for a profit

Body Building Supplement

Arrange and sell body building supplements at discounted price to various gym and fitness centres or individuals

Reference Websites

Create websites for professionals like doctors, lawyers solving their issues. The organization will earn the profits by advertisements on the site.

Stock photo agency

There are a lot of stock photo agencies that sell wide range of photos for a price (usually high). This creates a business opportunity, selling high resolution, good quality photos at reasonable price. A viable option is to focus on one specific area of photography.

Case Study Portal

The website provides case studies for a wide array of topics for better understanding of concepts. The organization makes profit by advertisements on the site.

Selling photos online

If you enjoy photography and are good with a camera, you could be sitting on a huge reserve of revenue. There are people who will be interested in your collection of images. Many stock photo agencies, such as Fotolia, Dreamstime and Shutterstock, offer incentives for people to earn from their photos.

Barter Systems

The organization will find people or other organizations who want to trade products required by someone for some other products. For this the organization will keep some commission which would then be the revenue of the company.

Soft Toys Manufacture/Dealer

Most women and children are much attracted towards soft toys and hence there is a huge demand for these. We have brands like archies, hallmark, hamleys etc. to cater these needs charging premium pricing; you can manufacture or import soft toys and sell to the customers at affordable prices. Also you can act like a wholesaler and distribute soft toys to various small retailers. 

Social Networking Site for Musicians

The organization will have a website which allows musicians to put up their portfolios, audios or videos and people can hire them directly through the site. The site will take some commission for the jobs given.

Post Pregnancy Nutritional Products

A women needs proper nutrition after pregnancy though there are a few brands in the market catering to this need, there seems to lack of players offering traditional homemade dishes on order. You can start a business of making post pregnancy nutritional products hygienically packed and selling it on order basis, this will include products like roti made from bajra, desi chicken soup, desi ghee sheera, dry fruits laddu etc. This business can be done online i.e. orders can be taken on website or on call and delivered to the targeted customers.

'How To ........' Videos

The organization creates 'how to ......' videos for a large number of tasks. The profit is made from the advertisements on the website.

Clothing Brand for Children

Fashion is now not limited to adults, there are various brands available in the market that make fashionable clothing for children. These brands charge a premium for catering to the kids segment. This creates an opportunity of manufacturing/selling kids’ clothes that are of good quality and design with reasonable pricing targeting the pockets of middle to higher middle section of the society.

Vacation Home Exchange

The organization helps in getting two parties who want to spend their vacation at each others houses. For example if a family in Assam want to spend their vacation in Dehradun and vice versa, the organization will co-ordinate so that in their vacations they can stay at each others houses. This will be done for a commission.

Used Bookstores

These bookstores sell used and out of print books either through shops or online. People can also sell used books to the store.

Selling Audio Books Online

The website will allow people to buy and/or download audio books on a wide range of subjects, starting from cooking recipes to academic books.

Content Creation

The organization will create the content for websites of other companies. This will be done either on contract basis or for a fixed fee.

Affiliate Marketing

Create a website that promotes other organization's products or services for a commission.


The organization will find suitable roommates for a rented flat. This is of growing importance as,  with the real estate prices rising, renting the entire flat becomes too expensive.

Candle making

There has been a sudden surge in the popularity of scented candles in the past decade. This popularity creates a tremendous business opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur to start a business that manufactures and sells candles.

Online library

Just as we can buy books online now-a-days, this is an innovative idea wherein people would be able to surf the entire library online and select the book they want to read which would then be delivered to them at their door step and collected back when they are done reading it.

Online DVD Rental

Allow people to rent DVDs online for a fixed fee


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