Pet Businesses

Birds Sales

Pure bred pigeons and cockatiel birds are desired by many as they can be trained easily. This organisation will look into this.

Pet appliances/toys

There is a whole sector of sales related to domestic animals and their care.Manufacturing is inexpensive and if designed correctly a product can be distributed nation wide.Play things for pets also have a lower regulation level which should help with reducing the time to market for the product.

Pet Training Business

A field less explored and big market.If you are good with animals and love to work with them, you can start a Training business which will help owners train their pets.Pet owners can also consult you regarding appropriate diet regime for their respective pets.

Pet-Sitting Business

When going on vacation or a trip for a few days, there is a dilemma as to where would your pet stay and would it be safe.Pet sitting is an ever growing business where the only investment is having clean premises and some staff based on the volume. People can leave their pets in hygienic conditions for a few days.

Pet Spas

Love & affection for pets by their owners, have evolved the pet luxury business. You can start a pet spa providing grooming solutions for pets like hair styling, highlights, aroma therapy, massage, etc.

Dog Training Classes

This organization is involved in training of pet dogs to fulfill many functions, ranging from guarding the house to simple 'sit' tasks. This training can be done either in a separate center or in the house itself. Depending on the mode of training, the capital required varies.

Mover For Pet Transportation

Normally while moving from one place to another, people find it difficult to move pets. The organization helps in easy transportation of these pets.

Dog Collars

Providing made to order dog collars of various shapes, sizes and materials.

Dog Treats

Baking gourmet dog treats and selling them either directly to consumers or to bigger distibutors like malls etc.

Animal Registration

The organization will assist in the registration of pets for a fee. Also it will look after the registration and identification records of these pets.

Automatic Food Dispenser For Pets

This food dispenser automatically gives out food of specific quantity at a specific time for dogs and cats when the owners are away.

Pet Shows

The organization sets up pet shows in various cities at various times. In these events prizes are given to pets based on some categories. The revenues are generated by having many companies advertise their pet food items during the event.

Animal Assisted Therapy Services

Provide animals like dogs to assist therapy of mentally challenged and/or patients undergoing severe stress. This uses the fact that these animals have a healing and calming affect on the people.

Breeding Exotic Fishes

These fishes are bred in particular environments with particular food requirements. This is of growing popularity as people now believe that fishes carefully chosen could vary the overall decor of the room.

House Sitting Business

The organization will send someone to look after the house and pets of the owner when he/she is away on work or vacation.

Exotic Dog Breeds

Many new dog breeds like pugs and rottweilers are making their way into the Indian markets. This organization will therefore take care of the puppies and breed purebred dogs for customers who will then buy it from them.
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