Renting & Leasing

Inverter Manufacturing

Manufacture various types of inverters ranging from domestic to industrial. You can also think of providing service and leasing.

Service Apartments

Service apartments - fully furnished, serviced apartments for short to medium duration stay, are becoming popular.

Boat Dealers

Give boats on rent for trips and tours for a particular fee.

Team Building Training

Companies work with a team structure. Provide Team building Training facilities to organisations in order to improve productivity and to reduce inter-personal conflicts

Commercial Kitchen Rentals

Providing expensive kitchen equipment for rent. This is useful for the customer as he doesn't need to buy these expensive equipments but can rather rent them from this organization.

Clothes on Rent

Due to increase in the cost of living, it is difficult for many people to spend on expensive attire for occasions that come and go. You can cater this section of society by starting a Clothes on Rent outlet/online business. Here you can rent people clothes for various occasions like marriage, festivals, corporate meet etc.

Portable Kitchen on Wheels

This kitchen will have all the facilities required for cooking. It can be rented out to professional caterers for a fixed rent.


Giving houseboats on rent for parties of personal or professional nature.

Hospital furniture on rent

We see that many homes today are in need of hospital furniture like beds,trollies etc. for their old or sick family members. But they need this furniture only for some duration of time till the concerned person gets cured. 'Hospital furniture on rent' is a businees idea which will cater to this need.

Portable toilets on rent

One can invest in buying portable toilets which could be lend out at outdoor events like weddings, receptions, corporate parties etc.

Leasing of Construction Equipment

Renting out construction equipment to construction companies.

DJ mixer console on rent

Providing music mixer console on rent to learner DJ's (Disc Jockeys) or to new DJ's performing

Buyback/Renting Medical Equipment

Many people undergoing therapy use a variety of medical equipment just until their therapy / healing process lasts.A system where these people can sell such equipment in good/working/sanitary conditions can be profitable and well as helpful.Also complimentary to such a business would be a rental business wherein maybe a certification authority or a professional can inspect and rent out equipment for the desired period of time.

Store in Boxes

People have short term storage needs, especially in big cities where space is at a premium. This facility can be made available by standard box sizes provided by the company. Rental can be on per month basis. Contents can be checked and acknowledgement given for security purposes.

Car Rental Services

Provide cars for rent to customers or organizations.


Share a Luxury Car for a Fixed Number of Days in a year. The concept is of Shared Ownership with well defined Rules and Comprehensive Insurance

Boardroom Facilities

Many small business  houses do not have Boardrooms of their own. You can develop one of your own and hire it out to such business houses.
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