Meat Substitute Restaurants

With growing concern for animal welfare, meat substituted products have grown in popularity. This popularity can be used to make profits by opening a restaurant with all meat substitutes.

Pay as you Wish Restaurants

In these restaurants, drinks have fixed prices but the customers decide how much to pay for the food. In these settings the customer usually pays the fair price and the restaurant can sometime still end up with a good profit.

Underwater Restaurant

The restaurant will be below the sea or pool level. The walls will be made of a transparent material like acrylic or glass. Facilities should be present to reach this restaurant easily. This has the potential to be profitable due to Innovative concept

Raw Food Restaurant

Start a restaurant for people who are health conscious. The restaurant will serve an assortment of fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains.

Old Style Restaurant

The restaurant can have a menu which is comprising of traditional dishes, cooked in a traditional way, served traditionally and the restaurant can have a traditional decor.

Make-It-Yourself Restaurants

Here, people can choose their own ingredients what they want and they can get the dish specially made for themselves rather than just ordering off the menu. The guests can also be given a choice as to whether they want to take part in the preparation of a dish which can also be served to other guests in the restaurant.

Organic restaurant

Restaurant selling organic and natural food can cater to the needs of the health conscious section of the Indian society.

Buffet Only Restaurants

These restaurants serve food as per buffet system instead of the typical restaurants where separate prices are charged for each item on the menu. The buffet meals can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, international or traditional cuisine depending upon its targeted customers. 

Theme Restaurants

Most people today visit a restaurant for enjoying the ambience in addition to having food. Theme restaurant provides a complete experience to its customers by taking them to the whole new environment. These type of restaurants creates its interiors as per a particular theme. The theme can be of a village, a forest, of another country, pre-independence age, a jail etc.

Terrace Restaurants

Ambience plays a very important role to make dinning special. If the ambience is extra ordinarily good, the restaurant can attract customers despite keeping premium price for its products. A terrace restaurant can be started with focus on ambience along with food.

Ocean/Beach Side Restaurants

Ocean/Beach side restaurants are considered to be the best place to relax and enjoy meal with peace. Customers today are in search of such places which have peaceful ambience with the beauty of water accompanied by good food. You can start an ocean/ beach side restaurants to target this section of foodies.
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