Specialty Travel

Develop a different travel business - have a speciality and differentiate it from other travel businesses. Think about your potential customers and design tours and activities around them.

Air Charter

Provide companies and other organizations chartered aircrafts for a particular cost for transportation of people and/or products.

Adventure Tourism

The organization handles various trekking or camping tours for people who want to have an adventurous vacation.

Vacation Home Exchange

The organization helps in getting two parties who want to spend their vacation at each others houses. For example if a family in Assam want to spend their vacation in Dehradun and vice versa, the organization will co-ordinate so that in their vacations they can stay at each others houses. This will be done for a commission.

Car Pools

Coordinate people for car pools to their work. This is beneficial for them as they save on transport and good for you as you have a get a commission. It requires an initial large customer base.
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