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Trademark Registration Steps Simplified

Simplified Step by Step Procedure for the Registration of Trademark.

Checklist for Starting a New Business

 Checklist for startups in India

Get a Quick Overview of Guidelines and Procedures, Links and Resources for Starting a New Business in India. Filter out what is not relevant to your needs and circumstances, and Save Time.

Create a Business Plan

Create a Business Plan

Every new venture should have a business plan. The purpose of the plan is to enable the top executives of the firm to think about their business in a comprehensive way, to communicate their objectives to individuals who may have a stake in the firm's future, to have a basis for making decisions, and to facilitate the planning process.

Forms of Business Organisations

Forms of Business Organisations

You must choose the most appropriate Form of Business Organisation ( Legal Structure) for your business. Each form of legal structure has its advantages and disadvantages. Look through various factors that you must consider and the advantages and disadvantages of each form of business organisation.

Register a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

To register a Indian LLP, you need to first apply for a Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN), which can be done by filing eForm for acquiring the DIN or DPIN. You would then need to acquire your Digital Signature Certificate and register the same on the portal.

Finance Basics

Financial Resources

Understanding the basics of financial resources will prove immensely beneficial to you and your business. Continue reading to find out more about accounting, capital budgeting, cash flow management, insurance and taxation.

Understand Your Startup Costs

Understand Your Startup Costs

Depending on the business, the startup cost will vary.The startup cost would majorly comprise of

Legal Basics

Legal Basics

Understand the basics of Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and the Indian Contract Act

Build Your Cash Reserves

Build Cash Reserves


Building a cash reserve is critical for a small business. After all "Cash is King" - as they say.

Plan Your Personal Finances

Plan Your Finances

Learn how to go about the estimation of Start-up Costs

Guidelines For Preparing A Detailed Project Report

DPR for Banks

Understand how to prepare a Detailed Project Report for the Bank / Financial Institution.

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