Thinking of Entrepreneurship

Thinking of Starting a Business

Thninking about entrepreneurship

Most of us have dreamt of Owning a business - at one time or another. And some of us have wondered whether Entrepreneurship would be appropriate for them. will take you through a series of steps to convert your Ideas and thoughts to viable business propositions.

Why Consider Entrepreneurship?

Why Consider Entrepreneurship

Some of the key reasons why you must seriously consider Starting of your own Enterprise

Is Entrepreneurship Appropriate For You?

Is Entrepreneurship Appropriate For You

Points to consider when you think about -Is entrepreneurship appropriate for you?

How to Identify Business Opportunities?

Identify Business Opportunities

Some thoughts on Identification of Business Opportunities for Startups

Get Inspired By Successful Startups

Successful Startups

Take Inspiration from some of the most successful Startups. Understand the key factors contributing to their success.

The Big List of Business Ideas for Small Business

The big list of Business Ideas

The Big List of Business Ideas for your Small Business. Scan these Ideas and evaluate further if you believe the Idea you like has a potential in your area.

Franchise Opportunities

Consider Franchise Opportunities

Understand the reasons why becoming a Franchisee may be the most appropriate opportunity for your needs and circumstances. Find links and resources for the Franchise opportunities currently available in India

Preparing The Bank Loan Application

Preparing The Bank Loan Application

By now you are already aware that Banks Finance Projects which have a well prepared Business Plan. Banks would also like to ensure that your proposal meets all the necessary requirements for their internal sanction process.

Research the Opportunity

Business Intelligence

Make better business decisions by gathering business intelligence. Understand how to use applications and technologies to gather, store, analyse and provide access to data.

Access Technologies For Commercialisation

Access Technologies
Access Technologies from IITs and other premier Institutions for Commercialization

Choosing the Right Business

Choosing the Right Business

Take these factors into account before deciding which business is appropriate for you

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