Online DVD Rental

Allow people to rent DVDs online for a fixed fee


The organization sets up and runs arcades which have arcade games for kids, teenagers and young adults .

Recording Studio

Build a recording studio using the best recording equipment and earn profits by renting it out to music directors and recording artists. The initial capital is high but it has a potential to be profitable and also expand.

Gramophone Records

Many people like old music and also like listening it with the old style. This organization will cater to that.

Aviation Services

With the advent of smaller aircrafts, flying has become more accessible to the public. If you have avid interest in flying then you can set up a flying club along with your friends. You can also conduct training sessions for the people. At the same time you could ferry these planes or helicopters between locations and make money as a taxi service.

Entertainment Company

It could be anything that you are good at or is a hobby, maybe dance, music, theatre etc. You can get together with similar like minded people and start your own company and impart them to the people. The people are always willing to learn some new exotic dance form or a musical instrument. It can be a small but flourishing business and you dont have to spend a lot of time or money also in building it.

Video Game Parlours

Setting up a video game parlour can be a good business opportunity. You could have various forms of entertainment such as pool tables, table tennis also along with them. You could also incorporate the new development in technology such as motion sensing, gaming consoles, tablets etc. and provide more of a fun element to the people. Also there could be an inhouse eatery or a bar so that people could stay there for relaxation and hangout.

Musical Instrument Sales

If you have a passion for music you can sell a variety of musical instruments to your customers.

Sports Bar

Create a great hang-out for sports fans that will make them want to come back for each game. Since the main attraction in this enterprise is sporting events, sports bars have televisions with a view from every seat, sometimes all tuned to different channels to watch different sports events altogether.
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