Health Care/Medical

Medical Tourism Consulting

In each country the cost of medical treatments vary. This organization will act as a consultant in order to provide advice on Quality treatment at an economical cost. Tour to the country will be an additional bonus.

Weight loss Clinic

To stay slim and fit one needs to exercise, but there are many people who do not like to exercise. This type of clinic is targeted to these customers, where vibration belts; heat rays etc. are used to burn fats and make the person slim. You can start this business targeting the obese section of the society.

Mobile Foot Massage Services

As lifestyle turns out to be more stressful, the demand for massage services is on rise. Massage acts as a relaxation tool and what better than customer getting this service on their doorstep. You can start a business of massage services in a van, which will come to customers' doorstep once the order is placed. This business can be marketed on social media, radio, through flyers etc.

Ambulance Service

Get into a contract with a hospital or directly set up a service for providing ambulances.

Aerobics Center

As people are becoming health conscious, fitness programs have gained popularity. There is a huge demand for fitness clubs focussing on various fitness programs. One can start aerobics center providing the best training to improve overall health.

Marathon Training

As marathon events have gained popularity in India, more and more fitness enthusiasts are training for running miles. This has also increased the number of training injuries like ligament tears, joint pain, hip pain etc. due to improper training knowledge. You can provide running training to people preparing for marathon and also provide nutritional tips (provided you have the skills & knowledge). Such trainings can be conducted in public jogging parks, free running clubs etc. You can market your business using social media, distributing pamphlets, arranging events in different colleges & companies etc.

Providing Medical Equipment to Patients

Either having rental services or buy and sell services for providing medical equipment to patients.

Kick Boxing Club

As the need for self-defense training & fitness arises, there are many customers including women & children that are interested to learn this form of martial arts. You can start a kick boxing club focusing on flexibility, strength training & self-defense techniques.

Sports Equipment & Accessories

You can start an online store or a retail outlet to cater the fitness enthusiast by providing them one stop shop solution for all their needs. The products range offered would be from equipments to apparels & accessories across sports. You can target schools, colleges, gymnasium, clubs, malls etc. for selling your products.

Nursing Facilities

Having an agency which provides nurses to patients.

Skipping Club

Rope skipping is fun & also a very good cardio exercise, though there are many gymnasiums offering skipping section, there are not many competitors focusing on teaching different techniques of skipping. One can train people about the correct form, postures & techniques of skipping to avoid injuries and provide maximum results. This type of training can be conducted in free public gardens/jogging parks or a skipping club can be opened.


People are becoming more health conscious. Opening a gym with facilities like weight training, cardio training, steam, sauna, massage, altitude training chamber, nutritional guidance, personal training etc can be a good business.

Rock Climbing Club

Fitness clubbed with adventure results in rock climbing, there are a lot of people that are fitness freaks and want adventure combined. You can start a rock climbing club to cater these customers. Alternately you can also arrange outdoor rock climbing training, outdoor rock climbing events etc. for a fee.

Animal Assisted Therapy Services

Provide animals like dogs to assist therapy of mentally challenged and/or patients undergoing severe stress. This uses the fact that these animals have a healing and calming affect on the people.

Spinning Studio

Due to road traffic, pollution & improper infrastructure, people prefer spinning studios rather than cycle outdoor. One can start a spinning studio providing cardiovascular training and tips


The organization will send people who have knowledge about acupuncture to improve the health and fitness of clients for a fee.

Manufacturing Whey Protein Supplements

If you have good knowledge of nutrition & muscle building, then you can look forward to this idea. Most of the bodybuilding supplements are imported from foreign countries and sold at high cost. You can check out the feasibility of manufacturing whey protein supplement unit in India. You can target gymnasiums, online supplements selling portal, health clubs, chemists etc. for selling your products.

Health Spas

As the stress levels are increasing among the people day by day, they are turning to spas and massage parlours for a sense of relaxation. You could set up a massage parlour and also customize a theme for it viz. Thai, Kerala etc. and also get people from those places to maintain the authenticity. It maybe a bit of an expenditure in the beginning but their definitely is a market and might run quite successfully once set up well.

Healthy Oils

Providing unadulterated pure oil for consumption & massage has demand. You can set up a small store extracting oil in front of the customers for a fee. You can extract oil of various products like olive, almond, sesame etc. In addition to this you can also set up manufacturing unit for making healthy cooking oil.

Eye Care Center

Today not many people pay attention to their eyes. As also now people view spectacles from a style perspective. Hence an eye care center has great opportunities to develop.

Protein Bars

Skipping meals is commonly seen in today’s world, credit goes to the busy schedule of working age population. Protein bars give good nutrition and does not take time to consume. You can start a business of manufacturing protein bars. Apart from working individuals, fitness lovers can also be targeted.

Organic Health Supplements

Selling organic daily health supplements to provide the nutritional benefit one requires

Post Pregnancy Nutritional Products

A women needs proper nutrition after pregnancy though there are a few brands in the market catering to this need, there seems to lack of players offering traditional homemade dishes on order. You can start a business of making post pregnancy nutritional products hygienically packed and selling it on order basis, this will include products like roti made from bajra, desi chicken soup, desi ghee sheera, dry fruits laddu etc. This business can be done online i.e. orders can be taken on website or on call and delivered to the targeted customers.

Body Building Supplement

Arrange and sell body building supplements at discounted price to various gym and fitness centres or individuals

Naturopathy Clinic

Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine which avoids the use of surgery and drugs by believing in the forces that guides the bodily processes like metabolism, reproduction etc. You can start a clinic teaching about naturopathy or you can create an online business by providing home consultancy services.


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