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Sector शीर्षक वर्णन Published Onआरोही तरह Download File
Gem & Jewellery Guidelines for Diamond Imports Custom Circular October 22nd 2009 GuidelineforDiamondImport.pdf
Gem & Jewellery Rupee Export Credit Interest Rates Published by RBI October 12, 2009 RupeeExportCreditInterestRateSubvention.pdf
Multiple Sectors Statistics - Global Voluntary Carbon Market Statistics - Global Voluntary Carbon Market Oct, 2009 Statistics - Global Voluntary Carbon Market
Textile & Apparel Cotton Knitted Undergarments (Briefs, Panties, Vests) Prepared By : Small Industries Service Institute November, 2002 Cotton Knitted Undergarments (Briefs, Panties, Vests)
Food Processing IFS (International Featured Standards) Categories for Food Testing This document provides information regarding the categories of food testing required by the IFS to obtain certifications. Apart from the category, it provides specific micro-organisms/toxins they are looking for, the method of testing and the criteria of testing. No Date IFS (International Featured Standards) Categories for Food Testing
--- PESTLE Template Provides a template to consult a PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors) analysis. No Date PESTLE Template
Engineering Engineering and Environmental Reports Common Issues and Best Practices Published by Freddie Mac. High quality engineering and environmental reports help prevent credit losses states the report. Talks about issues in engineering leading to losses and how to correctly identify the risks involved. It also talks about the potential environment damages if low quality/high risk products are used. After identifying potential problems, it discusses best practices to avoid the risks involved. No Date Engineering and Environmental Reports Common Issues and Best Practices
--- Sample Brochure Healthcare A sample company brochure of Pioneer Enterprises provided for your reference. No Date Sample Brochure Healthcare
--- Guide for Developing Training Program This guide is designed to help owner-managers of small firms To Develop a Training Program Plan. The questions are designed to provide a step-by-step approach to the task of organizing and conducting a successful program of employee training. No Date Guide for Developing Training Program
--- Business Plan Template A template to help entrepreneurs prepare a business plan. No Date Business Plan Template
--- Performace Evaluation A performance report template No Date Performace Evaluation
--- Financial Projections This spreadsheet walks you through the process of developing an integrated set of financial projections. No Date Financial Projections
--- Job Analysis A template provided to conduct a job analysis for small businesses. No Date Job Analysis
--- New Employee Orientation Checklist An orientation checklist for when a new employee joins. No Date New Employee Orientation Checklist
--- Employee Self-Evaluation A template for employee self-evaluation No Date Employee Self-Evaluation
--- Tips for Salary Negotiation Provides basic tips during salary negotiations, which may save time and effort on your business' part. No Date Tips for Salary Negotiation
Multiple Sectors European Union (EU) Standards Provides a list and short description of standards prevalent in the European Union (EU). MSMEs wishing to export to EU must meet these standards. This is provided for reference only, please do check with relevant organisations for any updates in the standard requirements. No Date European Union (EU) Standards
Multiple Sectors List of Certifications This document provides a list of certifications for different sectors. This is only for reference purposes. Visit the links provided in the document to get comprehensive information, as well as to check if any updates have been made to the certifications. No Date List of Certifications
Multiple Sectors Skill Development Training for Employment A skill development programme undertaken by Electronics Service & Training Centre, Ram Nagar No Date Skill Development Training for Employment
Food Processing Grapes- Testing Requirements Provides information regarding the testing and export of grapes to the EU. The content provided here is for guidance purposes only, for complete and latest details, please visit the respective organisation/nation's website. No Date Grapes- Testing Requirements

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