Home Repair Services

Provide services for home repair, ranging from electronics, plumbing, painting and other minor contracting services. You can choose to provide all these services as one business.

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i need tech home repair services.but how to,plz say to me

i want many more customers of home repair services but how ?????

List your services in yellow pages, askme.com, advertise on free classified sites like OLX etc. Also, your business will increase through referrals - if you provide high quality services to your existing customers.
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I am Narayana, I want to start a business, what is required?

For establishing any business, one must have to think about a viable business idea, and work over its requirements such as marketing, suppliers,area of operation,funding etc. The link for the step by step guide for starting a business and various funding schemes is being provided.

Step by step guide for starting a business

Fund your start up business