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Gem & Jewellery Guidelines for Diamond Imports Custom Circular October 22nd 2009 GuidelineforDiamondImport.pdf
Gem & Jewellery Rupee Export Credit Interest Rates Published by RBI October 12, 2009 RupeeExportCreditInterestRateSubvention.pdf
Multiple Sectors Statistics - Global Voluntary Carbon Market Statistics - Global Voluntary Carbon Market Oct, 2009 Statistics - Global Voluntary Carbon Market
Textile & Apparel Cotton Knitted Undergarments (Briefs, Panties, Vests) Prepared By : Small Industries Service Institute November, 2002 Cotton Knitted Undergarments (Briefs, Panties, Vests)
Multiple Sectors Japan Standards Provides a list and short description of standards prevalent in Japan. MSMEs wishing to export to Japan must meet these standards. This is provided for reference only, please do check with relevant organisations for any updates in the standard requirements. No Date Japan Standards
--- Sample Brochure Healthcare A sample company brochure of Pioneer Enterprises provided for your reference. No Date Sample Brochure Healthcare
Food Processing Processed Foods- Testing Requirements This document will provide the specific guidelines laid out by the USA and EU for food processing testing. The content provided here is for guidance purposes only, for complete and latest details, please visit the respective organisation/nation's website. No Date Processed Foods- Testing Requirements
--- Performace Evaluation A performance report template No Date Performace Evaluation
Food Processing Aquaculture- Testing Requirements Provides information regarding current regulations governing export testing and certification for aquaculture exports. The content provided here is for guidance purposes only, for complete and latest details, please visit the respective organisation/nation's website. No Date Aquaculture- Testing Requirements
--- Job Analysis A template provided to conduct a job analysis for small businesses. No Date Job Analysis
--- New Employee Orientation Checklist An orientation checklist for when a new employee joins. No Date New Employee Orientation Checklist
--- SWOT Template Provides a template to conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). No Date SWOT Template
--- Employee Self-Evaluation A template for employee self-evaluation No Date Employee Self-Evaluation
--- Training Planner A tool to help plan training activities. No Date Training Planner
--- Tips for Salary Negotiation Provides basic tips during salary negotiations, which may save time and effort on your business' part. No Date Tips for Salary Negotiation
--- Employee Engagement Activities Provides examples of employee engagement activities. To be read with 'employee engagement approaches'. No Date Employee Engagement Activities
--- Cash Flow Projections Definition: A cash flow projection is a forecast of cash funds a business anticipates receiving and paying out throughout the course of a given span of time, and the anticipated cash position at specific times during the period being projected. [For the purpose of this projection, cash funds are defined as cash, checks, or money order, paid out or received. This in an excel workbook, to help entrepreneurs develop a cash flow projection. No Date Cash Flow Projections
Multiple Sectors Skill Development Training for Employment A skill development programme undertaken by Electronics Service & Training Centre, Ram Nagar No Date Skill Development Training for Employment
--- P&L (profit and loss) Account Example Profit and Loss Account Template/Tool for self-employed/small business enterprise - a free resource from No Date P&L (profit and loss) Account
Multiple Sectors Bureau of Indian Standards- Standards Under Mandatory Certification Provides the regulation act, relevant Government notification, date of notification and the implementing authority for the products under mandatory certification. It also defines the standard needed for a particular product. No Date Bureau of Indian Standards- Mandatory Certifications