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Sectorsort descending Title Description Published On Download File
--- Ayurvedic Medicine Project Profile on Ayurvedic Medicine Not available ----
--- PESTLE Template Provides a template to consult a PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors) analysis. No Date PESTLE Template
--- Job Analysis A template provided to conduct a job analysis for small businesses. No Date Job Analysis
--- Productivity Improvement Checklist For improving productivity, there are a number of fundamental aspects which should be borne in mind. This document lists those factors. No Date Productivity Improvement Checklist
--- Attendance Record A template to maintain an attendance record. No Date Attendance Record
--- The Technology Entrepreneur’s Guidebook - A sensible approach to writing a good business plan By: Nasdaq, Indian CEO High Tech Council, U.S. Chamber of Commerce 01-05-2001 Technology Entrepreneur’s Guidebook – A sensible approach to writing a good business plan By NASDAQ, Indian CEO High Tech Council, US Chamber of Commerce.pdf
--- Disposable Syringes Project Profile on Disposable Syringes Not available DisposableSyringes.pdf
--- Training Planner A tool to help plan training activities. No Date Training Planner
--- Business Plan for StartUps - SCORE ---- Not available Business Plan for StartUps - SCORE.pdf
--- Tips for Salary Negotiation Provides basic tips during salary negotiations, which may save time and effort on your business' part. No Date Tips for Salary Negotiation
--- Guide for Developing Training Program This guide is designed to help owner-managers of small firms To Develop a Training Program Plan. The questions are designed to provide a step-by-step approach to the task of organizing and conducting a successful program of employee training. No Date Guide for Developing Training Program
--- New Employee Orientation Checklist An orientation checklist for when a new employee joins. No Date New Employee Orientation Checklist
--- Government circulars and notifications Government Circulars and Notifications Not available Circulars and Notifications.pdf
--- Employee Engagement Approaches A round-up of some of the best employee engagement approaches. No Date Employee Engagement Approaches
--- Sample Brochure Healthcare A sample company brochure of Pioneer Enterprises provided for your reference. No Date Sample Brochure Healthcare
--- Forms of Business Organisations This document talks about the different forms of business organisation. Forms of business organization are legal forms in which a business enterprise may be organized and operated. These forms of organization refer to such aspects as ownership, risk bearing, control and distribution of profit. No Date Forms of Business Organisations
--- Intellectual Property Rights ---- Not available Intellectual Property Rights.pdf
--- Employee Engagement Activities Provides examples of employee engagement activities. To be read with 'employee engagement approaches'. No Date Employee Engagement Activities
--- Organisational Structure Organizational structure properly determines the hierarchy within an organization. Types of organizational structure comprise: functional structure, divisional structure, and matrix structure. No Date Organisational Structure
--- Success stories of various learners of Open Learning Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship ---- Not available Success stories of various learners of Open Learning Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship.pdf