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Sectorsort descending Title Description Published On Download File
--- Organisational Structure Organizational structure properly determines the hierarchy within an organization. Types of organizational structure comprise: functional structure, divisional structure, and matrix structure. No Date Organisational Structure
--- Disposable Syringes Project Profile on Disposable Syringes Not available DisposableSyringes.pdf
--- Tips for Salary Negotiation Provides basic tips during salary negotiations, which may save time and effort on your business' part. No Date Tips for Salary Negotiation
--- Intellectual Property Rights ---- Not available Intellectual Property Rights.pdf
--- Employee Engagement Activities Provides examples of employee engagement activities. To be read with 'employee engagement approaches'. No Date Employee Engagement Activities
--- Employee Self-Evaluation A template for employee self-evaluation No Date Employee Self-Evaluation
--- Sample Brochure Healthcare A sample company brochure of Pioneer Enterprises provided for your reference. No Date Sample Brochure Healthcare
--- Success stories of various learners of Open Learning Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship ---- Not available Success stories of various learners of Open Learning Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship.pdf
--- Business Plan Template A template to help entrepreneurs prepare a business plan. No Date Business Plan Template
--- List of Industry Association in various Sectors ---- Not available List of Industry Association in Various Sectors.pdf
--- Purchase Order A template to help entrepreneurs prepare a purchase order. No Date Purchase Order
--- Checklist for Employee Contract The contract/letter of your organization should consist of the detail provided in this document. No Date Checklist for Employee Contract
--- Cash Flow Projections Definition: A cash flow projection is a forecast of cash funds a business anticipates receiving and paying out throughout the course of a given span of time, and the anticipated cash position at specific times during the period being projected. [For the purpose of this projection, cash funds are defined as cash, checks, or money order, paid out or received. This in an excel workbook, to help entrepreneurs develop a cash flow projection. No Date Cash Flow Projections
--- Financial Projections This spreadsheet walks you through the process of developing an integrated set of financial projections. No Date Financial Projections
--- Start-up P&L (profit and loss) Tool This tool is designed to organize financials and perform basic calculations for a start-up company. No Date Start-up P&L (profit and loss) Tool
--- P&L (profit and loss) Account Example Profit and Loss Account Template/Tool for self-employed/small business enterprise - a free resource from No Date P&L (profit and loss) Account
--- Training Certificate A template for a training certificate No Date Training Certificate
--- Performace Evaluation A performance report template No Date Performace Evaluation
--- Technology Entrepenuers Guidebook A guidebook that provides basic information regarding the setting up of a technology start-up by various authors. Published by Washington Technology Partners Inc 2001 Technology Entrepenuers Guidebook
--- Payroll record A template for a payroll record No Date Payroll Record