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Leather PU Laminated Split Leather Prepared By : Small Industries Service Institute December, 2002 PU Laminated Split Leather
Leather Shuttle Cock Prepared By : Small Industries Service Institute December, 2002 Shuttle Cock
Leather Hockey Sticks Prepared By : Small Industries Service Institute December, 2002 Hockey Sticks
--- Energy Management in Hotels A guidebook to improve energy efficiency in hotels in India Dec, 2008 Energy Management in Hotels
Leather Ladies Shopping Bag Prepared By : Small Industries Service Institute August, 2006 Ladies Shopping Bag
Leather Continuation of the Integrated Development of Leather Sector(IDLS) Scheme during 11th Plan Period Implemented by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India April 7, 2008 ContinuationoftheIntegratedDevelopmentofLeatherSectorIDLSSchemeduring200712.pdf
Gem & Jewellery Guidelines for Import of Precious Metal Customs Department Policy Circular 31 March 2009 GuidelinesforimportofPreciousMetal.pdf
Gem & Jewellery Highlights of New Foreign Trade Policy Published by Ministry of Commerce and Industry 27 August 2009 HighlightsofNewForeignTradePolicy20092014.pdf
Engineering Best Practices in Forest Engineering Applications Published by GFR Engineering Solutions. Guidelines for the selection, specification and installation of geosynthetics in forest engineering projects. 2011 Best Practices in Forest Engineering Applications
Electrical & Electronic Products Electronics Industry In India A report by Corporate Catalyst India on the Electronics Industry in India. It serves to give a basic overview of the industry in terms of size, status and potential. It also discusses the regulatory, fiscal and taxation environment. 2011 Electronics Industry In India
Food Processing Mini Rice Mill Talks about the Mini Rice Mill developed by CFTRI, Mysore, which is meant for the The major portion of paddy is still processed through hullers which are usually low capacity mills and result in very high percentage of brokens. In these hullers both shelling and polishing operations are carried out simultaneously and there is no control on the polishing of rice. This also leads to a loss in revenues. The Mini Rice Mill can be an accessible tool which increases yield, helps in production of pure rice bran free from husk and enables polishing control. 2011 Mini Rice Mill
Food Processing Bottlenecks in the Indian Food Processing Industry Published by FICCI. Food processing industry in India is increasingly seen as a potential source for driving the rural economy as it brings about synergy between the consumer, industry and agriculture. A well developed food processing industry is expected to increase farm gate prices, reduce wastages, ensure value addition, promote crop diversification, generate employment opportunities as well as export earnings. However, despite of continual efforts and initiatives of the Government to provide the required stimulus to the sector, processing activity is still at a nascent stage in India with low penetration. At the same time, though India is a key producer of food products, having an adequate production base for inputs, productivity levels are very low in the country. 2010 Bottlenecks in the Indian Food Processing Industry
ITeS Productivity & Competitiveness in the Indian Manufacturing Sector: IT Hardware and Electronics The electronic industry in India constitutes just less than 1% of the global electronic industry. However, the demand in the Indian market is growing rapidly though it remains a major importer of electronic materials, components and finished equipment. A series of market studies during the last few years have forecast rapid growth of electronics hardware demand in India. This report focuses on how the market for electronics and IT hardware can grow in India. 2010 Productivity & Competitiveness in the Indian Manufacturing Sector: IT Hardware and Electronics
Electrical & Electronic Products Electrical and Electronic Waste Management Practice by households The management of electronic waste has become an environmental concern in many developing countries as urbanization continues to take place. The aim of this paper is to identify current electronic waste management practices by households in Shah Alam, Selangor. 2010 ElectricalandElectronicWasteManagementPracticebyhouseholds.pdf
Food Processing Rice Milling Potential The mini rice mill gives the same yield as a modern rice mill. Rice being the staple food for the majority population, no problem is envisaged in marketing. Besides, the mill can be utilised as a service unit for custom milling. Rice bran, which is a byproduct, is a source of valuable edible oil. The compactness of the unit, its low cost and above advantages enable installation of a number of units in all the paddy growing areas and should result in significant cost advantage to mini rice mill owners. 2010 Rice Milling Potential
Leather Productivity & Competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing Sector: Leather and Leather Products Report by - National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council. The Indian leather industry comprises of both organized and unorganized and organized sectors. Currently unorganized sector plays a dominant role in the entire production. The small scale, cottage and artisan sectors account for over 75 per cent of the total production and majority of them belong to unorganized sector. There continues to be acute shortage of good quality finished leather. As a result the industry is dependent on import from China and other countries. Lack of adequate product quality adversely affected exports. On the technology front, most tanneries use outdated technology. which inhibits them from producing good quality leather in spite of access to quality raw materials such as hides and skins. 2010 Productivity & Competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing Sector: Leather and Leather Products
Chemicals Solid Waste Management in Chemical Industrial Sector in India Report by United Phosphorus Ltd. Talks about issues in waste management facing the Chemical Industrial Sector in India, the solutions and currently accepted practices. It mentions that Until 2000, there was no proper guideline available in India for secured landfill facilities • CPCB has published “The Criteria for Hazardous Waste Landfills” in the year 2000 for construction, operation and maintenance of the secured landfill facilities. 2010 Solid Waste Management in Chemical Industrial Sector in India
ITeS Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the IT and ITes Industry Study on mapping of human resource skill gaps in India till 2022. Report published by National Skill Development Corporation. It talks about the requisite human resource and skill training needed in India to make it more competitive and attractive as a business proposition. 2010 Human Resource and Skill Development in the IT Industry
Multiple Sectors Corporatization for MSMEs An extensive guide to the corporatization for MSMEs. 2010 Corporatization for MSMEs
Electrical & Electronic Products AC Electric Motors Best Practice Published by Lifetime Reliability Solutions. This document is a summary of recommendations against which to check AC Electric Motors best practice. Recommendations include the following procedures- manufacturing, assembly, installation, operating, maintenance and mentions relevant standards. 2009 AC Electric Motors Best Practice