A self-service laundry is a facility where clothes are washed and dried. Such a service is known as a laundromat. They are quite famous in countries such as US, UK, Australia etc. However, the concept is not really prevalent in India. Laundromats can be set up within campuses such as colleges or offices, where people live in hostels. In the fast paced world, it can be a very rewarding venture.

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it is good idea, however in India, Energy is a major issue, and this will consume a lot energy the cost could be less if done manually, if we can further develop on this like a Laundromat which works on solar energy then it could be more viable to a wider market, otherwise it remains with the high end market and anyway people use washing machines and dryer so, but i still would be interested to discuss further on this.

As we all know innovation without convenience is of no use, so this idea can cater to a number of segments like working singles, students and for ones who cant enjoy their sundays with a worry of cleaning clothes. So kindly help me up with the process of installation and the cost required....waiting for your reply.

Please see the Link for details. It is strongly encouraged that an entrepreneur must make the detailed business project report by himself; this will assist you to better understand the pros and cons of the potential business. Also the competition, suppliers, customer preferences etc. differs depending upon the targeted location. Providing something different or better in your product/services  then merely replicating other businesses can be a key factor to success. Best Wishes